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PREMIERE: The Knees "Take Care"

Take Care Art IDea 1.png

Chicago band The Knees are back with a new single today! Called "Take Care," the track is the first song that was written for The Knees, and it was written before the full band even started playing together, says the band's founder and frontman David Miller. "It’s the most straightforward song we play, in terms of structure and composition," Miller added.

To accompany "Take Care," the band also recorded a B-Side track; a cover of a 1960 piece by La Monte Young. "Our rendition uses an infinite sustain effect across 6 different guitars that build together to create a 5 minute drone. It’s definitely a test of people’s patience but it was a lot of fun to record and we’re proud of how it turned out," Miller says. 

Start off your New Music Friday fix by getting your first listen to both new tracks by The Knees below!

The Knees will support Brooklyn's Stuyedeyed at Schuba's on Monday night. Crosstown will be opening the show, so don't miss out on this stacked lineup--grab tickets here!