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LIVE: Mutts and Campdogzz at The Hideout 12.16

Mutts blew through the roof on Saturday night at cozy, quaint, middle of nowhere road stop – The Hideout. Opening up with fan favorite and especially relevant, “Everyone is Everyone,” the guys were not just charged up, but feeding off of a bustling crowd. Mike Maimone navigated through the night ranging old to new, in celebration of their new EP Stick Together. With songs like “I’ll Be Around,” Maimone emphatically shared the importance of being there for people when they need it most - a particularly special message for a room filled with friends and locals galore. The group stopped for breath and slowed down the pace with their spin of Gillian Welch’s “Look At Miss Ohio.” A beautifully moving and mesmerizing piece bolstered by Maimone’s conviction on the keys.

This team of three make it impossible to stand by idly watching. When Maimone lifts himself from his seat, the music doesn’t stop at just your ears. At several points throughout the night, all bets were off when Maimone took the songs to new heights and placed his foot atop the keys. The Mutts haven’t a need for restraint or courtesy, their austerity is punched through every lyric and supporting note.

Maimone continues to lead the way with a mindful attack on the keys that you can see quite literally in his positioning behind them. He likes to make it a game of tug of war, sometimes pulled softly then carried to a consistent build, and by the end of each song your heart feels the last tug to victory. Just as the trio was ready to close out the night and have a beer with the crowd, the packed house stomped for one more song, and the band obliged. Needless to say, the night was intimate, loud, and unfailing for the hometown scene.

The guys pick it up again, and are heavily booked for the beginning of the new year. You can follow them here. While you await their next hometown show, check out photos of their set, as well as a few of fellow Chicagoans an ANCHR favorites; Campdogzz. 

While you wait for the next Mutts show, listen to their latest EP in full below!