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Daytrotter Downs Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 at Daytrotter Downs was even bigger and badder than Day 1, with music kicking off at 10AM at a local record store.  Once again, a mutual love and respect for music existed between the crowd and the bands. I also discovered new music and enjoyed every set that I managed to catch (you can check our Instagram for all of them), but here are the top highlights from Day 2....

The Sires Guitarist Kept Losing His Hat Opening up Day 2

If you look really closely in the photo below, you can see the hat of one of Sires' guitarists on the stage. The entire band was so into the music and grooving along so hard that the hat just wouldn't stay on.  As with the opening slot of most festivals, the 2PM crowd for Sires was scarce, but they still gave their all and you could tell they love what they do when they get on stage.  The band is from Iowa, so if you're local make sure to check them out if you haven't already!

In Tall Buildings Played Songs From The Upcoming Album

Frontman Erik Hall and his bandmates played a beautiful set in the afternoon yesterday, which featured some new songs.  In our interview (coming soon) Erik revealed that was only the second time playing the new songs; the first being during Tomorrow Never Knows in Chicago in January. The new songs sounded incredible, so keep your eyes and ears out for new In Tall Buildings music this year. 

Bobby Hussy Lit His Guitar On Fire

In our Daytrotter Downs spotlight, I mentioned that I'd heard all about Bobby Hussy's love for pyrotechnics and his stage presence, but I didn't know how well lighting his guitar on fire would go over in the setting of Daytrotter Downs. However, at 5PM, Bobby Hussy of The Hussy lit his guitar on fire on the floor of the Redstone Room.  It just doesn't get more badass and more Rock'n'Roll than that. Check out the video on our Instagram, and make sure you go see The Hussy if you ever get the chance. 

Sarah Potenza Gave A Shout Out to Humboldt Park

During her early evening set, Sarah Potenza wooed the crowd with her powerful, soulful vocals. She also provided the laughs with some of her stories, one of which included a part about the 10 years she lived in Chicago in a Humboldt Park apartment. After her set, she also did an impromptu interview with me, so stay tuned for that. She'll be in Chicago with Gaelynn Lea tomorrow, so check them out if you can!

All Eyes Were on Gaelynn Lea

For the first time during the entire festival, I didn't have much personal space to stand during Gaelynn Lea's performance. Because everyone was watching her set. She delivered an absolutely stunning and mesmerizing hour-long set to a packed house with her haunting vocals and incredible violin playing. Gaelynn also promoted taking risks and doing what you love during her set. Before playing a new song of hers, Gaelynn mentioned she was nervous to play it, but she was doing it anyway because "it's good to do things that make you nervous."  Seriously, if you're reading this and you're based in Chicago, go see her at Schubas tomorrow night.

Adam Torres Captivated The Crowd with his Cutting Vocals

Without a doubt, Adam Torres was towards the top of my list to see during this festival, but his set exceeded my expectations. He put the entire crowd in a trance with his unique and haunting vocals, often backed by the beautiful violin playing of his bandmate Elizabeth Warren (he also made the "no not the senator" joke that most of you are probably thinking right now). He also gave the backstory to most of his songs before he played, which I always find fascinating when watching songs come to life. 

Post Animal Just Being Post Animal

Hands down, the Post Animal set topped my list of favorite performances this weekend.  As usual, they gave their performance their all and had the crowd reciprocating their massive energy levels. I mean, just check out the hair flip from Dalton in the photo below....

The house was completely packed and everyone in the front was moving the whole time. A few people even crowd surfed, making their set the rowdiest of the evening.  The guys will be out at SXSW later this month, and they're also touring nationally throughout the Spring, so go see them when they roll through your town.