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Live Recap: Caroline Rose Played All Her Favorite Songs to a Sold Out Hideout

“This next song is my favorite,” Caroline Rose tells the sold out crowd at The Hideout last week before playing her third song...and her fourth, and her seventh song of the night. The crowd laughed once they realized a certain pattern, and Rose kept her audience chuckling between songs by telling funny anecdotes about the tracks from her candid and quirky debut album Loner.

Wednesday night’s show came towards the tail end of Rose’s two month long tour in support of the album release, which included a busy multiple-show-a-day schedule at SXSW. During one of her between-song monologues, Rose mentioned she’d been sick the past few weeks with a never-ending cold due to the grueling touring schedule, but as an audience member, you never would have guessed Rose wasn't feeling 100 percent. Her spirit never wavered, and as she sang through energetic tracks like “Money” and “Bikini,” Rose’s vocals remained strong, even as she danced along to the fast-paced melodies on the rose-laden stage. Rose also remained on her A-game in the stage banter department; recanting the house party experience that inspired the track “More Of The Same” in grueling detail. The lyrics on Loner fearlessly depict personal narratives about Rose and her friends, and during her show, fans got even more details about the stories behind the songs. The stage banter even extended beyond the stories of Loner, with Rose telling the crowd the origin of the Elmo piñata sitting onstage, which the band had acquired on the road at a famous piñata shop, as well as the story about having to replace her thrifted overall straps with Mardi Gras beads.

After playing through most of the songs from her album and feeding the audience entertaining tour stories, Rose won the audience’s affection even more by performing a cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears and playing “My Heart Will Go On” on a recorder. Rose’s live show truly remained vibrant the entire time, without a single dull moment in sight. If she was able to deliver such an incredible show at the end of an intense tour while being sick, you won't want to miss Caroline Rose when she comes through your city this summer. See her upcoming tour dates here, and check out photos from her show with The Go Rounds below. 

Listen to Loner in full below: