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LIVE: Night Beats and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2/10/18

Night Beats got the energy flowing at The Vic Theatre on Saturday, warming up the eager crowd full of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fans. The band's frontman Danny "Lee Blackwell" Rajan Billingsley smoothed and swayed the crowd with his deliverance of songs like “Playing Dead," while  drummer James Traeger sizzled his hi-hat and bassist Jakob Bowden kicked the air as he provided the groove of each track. The lighting complimented the trio's psychedelic garage rock sound with fading solid colors that cut through an immense fog.

Night Beats has been nonstop since their formation in 2009, up until now with their massive tour supporting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The trio surfed through hits from their 3 albums and multiple EP’s without any disappointments on Saturday night. The big bang came near the closing of their set with “Puppet On a String," which boasts echoing vocals, bass drum stomping, smooth bass licks, and twangy riffs.  

After the incredible introductory set by Night Beats, strobe lights illuminated the back of the stage all while the fog continued to build upon itself. BRMC's vocalist Peter Hayes strummed his first riff of the night introducing “Spook" from their 2018 album Wrong Creatures. Leah Shapiro, drummer, beat the next the song of their set “Little Things Gone Wild” into fruition, while Robert Been dished out some spine tingling chills with his harmonica playing, completely owning “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” with deep bass chords that would scare off any demon.

Most of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s set featured new tracks from their eighth album Wrong Creatures. Some highlights included “Echo," which pulled at the heartstrings of the soul, and “King of Bones” giving the crowd fuel to strengthen their hearts, as well as the crowd loudly singing along to "Spread Your Love." The band played “Whatever Happened To My Rock and Roll” at the end of their set, leaving us to wonder, what will get from rock and roll next?Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’ and  Night Beats are promising signs that rock and roll is still here to stay.

Relive the rock and roll energy of the evening with our photo galleries from the show below!


Night Beats

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

You can still catch Night Beats and BRMC out on the road through the end of the month. Check out the tour poster below, and keep updated on both bands by following them on Social Media!

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