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Better Oblivion Community Center Takes Over Lincoln Hall for Two Sold Out "Meetings"

This past weekend, the collaborative project of singer songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst took over Lincoln Hall for two very sold out shows, marking their debut performances in Chicago. Deemed Better Oblivion Community Center, the duo just recently announced their musical partnership with a self-titled ten track album, released January 24th via Dead Oceans, and their current tour has treated fans to live versions of every track on the record.

In addition to playing the entire record, Bridgers and Oberst also performed another brand new single they had written together as Better Oblivion Community Center, which was available for fans to purchase as a 7” at the merch table. Throughout the setlist, Bridgers and Oberst both took on the challenge of singing lead vocals on one another’s songs; with Bridgers singing Bright Eyes’ “Lime Tree” and Oberst enchanting the crowd with “Scott Street” and a sped up version of Bridgers’ melancholic “Funeral.” During the entire show, there was a spirit of camaraderie—both between the bandmates on stage and between the audience members soaking in the experience—that filled the entire room, making the evening truly feel more like a community gathering than a spectacle.

See where you can attend the next Better Oblivion Community Center meeting here, and check out photos from March 24th’s show below.

The Setlist for 3/24/19

  1. Didn’t Know What I Was in For

  2. Dylan Thomas

  3. Service Road

  4. Big Black Heart

  5. Sleepwalkin’

  6. Lime Tree

  7. Exception

  8. Forest Lawn

  9. Little Trouble

  10. Chesapeake

  11. Can’t Hardly Wait

  12. Bad Blood

  13. My City

  14. Scott Street

  15. Funeral

  16. Dominos