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Live Recap: Charly Bliss Bring The High Energy to Lincoln Hall

Just last month Charly Bliss released their highly-anticipated second album Young Enough - out now on via Barsuk Records - to a flurry of fantastically positive reviews. It is a definitive glow up from the band’s debut album Guppy that was a short yet powerful 29-minute hit of power pop to the face. Building on the excitement of fresh new material and already beloved “oldies”, the band brought Young Enough tour to Lincoln Hall on Saturday, June 15 with support from Emily Reo. 

It isn’t every day that a show opens up with an artist on the keytar, but that’s Emily Reo. Her ambitious electro-pop sugar coats darker lyrics about mansplainers and beloved cats who have crossed over to the beyond. Performing songs from her latest release Only You Can See It with her trio band as support, Emily Reo’s stuns audiences with her efficacious vocals and multi-instrumentalist talent. 

Busting out onto the stage in a tulle dress and a matching band in all white outfits, Charly Bliss - started by sister brother duo Eva and Sam Hendricks - launched into ‘Blown to Bits’ from the new album. Bouncing around and feeding off the crowd’s energy, the band’s overwhelming positivity and lively spirit was so infectious you couldn’t help, but want to dance too. Every band says “Chicago is one of their favorite cities to play in,” but you could truly feel the love this time. The setlist was a good mix of new work from Young Enough and Guppy with a ‘Mr. Brightside’ cover thrown in at the end for a good ol’ razzle dazzle to finish off the show. It is hard to not to fall in love with Charly Bliss’ power pop anthems rich in cathartic energy, especially in live form. It’s only a matter of time before the Brooklyn-based band take over with their in your face punk bubblegum pop.

Charly Bliss is on tour for the remainder of the year. Check their website for additional details and listen to Young Enough on your favorite streaming platform.