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New Music Friday 1/12

It's been a minute since we've had a new music Friday post, with the lull during the year end, but now music releases are back in full swing! On the album front, one of our favorites from across the pond, To Kill a King, has finally followed up their 2015 self-titled album with the incredible The Spiritual Dark Age. Similarly, BØRNS has followed up his 2015 album with his sophomore release, Blue Madonna. So many of our favorites are back this week with singles, too; The Hunna, and Lake Jons releasing another single off of upcoming albums. Ezra Furman and Acid Dad also announced this week that new albums are on the way, and celebrated with new singles. POND put out a new bonus track from their 2017 album The Weather, and a new discovery of ours, Nation of Language, also put out a new track. Listen to all that and even more new songs below to get your weekend started off right!

The Hunna- "Flickin' Your Hair"

POND- "Fire in the Water"

Acid Dad- "2Ci"

Ezra Furman-"Suck the Blood from My Wound"

Jade Bird- "Lottery"

First Aid Kit- "Ruins"

Franz Ferdinand- "Feel The Love Go"

Car Seat Headrest- "Nervous Young Inhumans"

Lake Jons- "Lake Family"

Nation of Language- "On Division St"

Charlie Barnes- "All I Have"

Public Access T.V- "Lost in the Game"

To Kill A King- The Spiritual Dark Age

BØRNS- Blue Madonna

PREMIERE: Uma Bloo "Meow"/"Lullaby"

Chicago singer-songwriter Molly Madden has been playing shows all around the city under the name Uma Bloo for just over a year now. This week, she has blessed us with her official debut release, and instead of just putting out one single, she's offered up a B-Side. "Meow" and b-side "Lullaby" combine dreamy and melancholy melodies with Uma Bloo's signature alluring vocals and vulnerable lyrics. 

Offering some insight into the lead track, "Meow," Madden says, "[It] was inspired by desperation, by how deep into self-degradation we'll go to try and hold onto something we think we need. I had been listening to Libby Titus's 'Love Has No Pride' a bunch and around the same time I started noticing how a lot of us want significant others for the same reason we want pets. So it all became very funny to me and I got a song out of it." The b-side, "Lullaby," closely trailed "Meow" in the creative process, Madden says, "I couldn't sleep one night because I was missing someone... I write songs a lot when I am missing people. I guess it wasn't inspired really, it was just another night when someone felt far away."

Take an exclusive first listen to both tracks below, and keep an eye out for the official release on Friday, January 12th!

Keep up with Uma Bloo on Social Media:

Facebook // Instagram

Thumbnail photo by Asia Shelton

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New Music Friday 12/15

Lots of singles are out today from all across the genre-sphere! British indie bands and Pale Waves and Farebrother have new singles out, the latter only being their second release. Lo-fi pop group Lake Jons further teased their upcoming album, out 1/19, with new song "Call Me." Folk outfit Tenderfoot also teased their debut album out in February with "Break Apart," while BØRNS followed up with his third single from his sophomore album. Tune into all that and more below!

Lake Jons-"Call Me"

Tenderfoot-"Break Apart"

BØRNS-"I Don't Want U Back"

Pale Waves-"My Obsession"

Glades-"Do Right"

The Decemberists- "Ben Franklin's Song"

The Neighbourhood-"Stuck With Me"

Farebrother-"A Little Late"

NoMBe- "Sex"

PREMIERE: Town Criers "Change Your Mind"

Chicago's own Town Criers follow up their debut single "Rip it Up" today with "Change Your Mind." The high energy track has been a staple in their setlist over the past few months, if you've been to see them around the city at Warble Daze, The Hideout, and many other DIY spaces. Take an exclusive first listen to the studio version of "Change Your Mind" below and come see the band play a free show at Schubas Tavern tonight! Details on the show here. 

Town Criers: Instagram // Facebook

New Music Friday 12.8

It's been a couple of weeks since the last New Music Friday post on ANCHR since not too many albums come out in December, but there's too many new jams this week to not do one this week. Chicago's leading the pack this week with two new singles from Twin Peaks (the final of their Sweet '17 Singles series), the second single from L. Martin (former frontman of The Walters), and the official release of Blue Dream's "Freedom Eyes." The Wombats also put out the second bop from their upcoming album, out in February, while NVDES has a new EP out. Last but not least, Vundabar, Moose Blood, and HAERTS also have new singles out. Tune into all of it and more below!

The Wombats- "Turn"

Twin Peaks-"We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)" and "In The Meadow"


L. Martin-"Dirty Sheets"

Moose Blood- "Talk in Your Sleep"

SOHN- "Red Lines"

HAERTS- "The Way"

Blue Dream- "Freedom Eyes" and "Whole Stole the Flowers"

Joey Sweeney-"Don't Kill Yourself This Christmas"

NVDE-Vol. 2

New Music Friday 11/17

This week for New Music Friday, we've been blessed with new music from Tame Impala AND King Gizzard (it's their FOURTH album of 2017). As if that's not enough, we've also got new songs from some of our new favorites, like the LA based BAUM, RÓSA, and Wallows. Chicago's own L.Martin, formerly of The Walters, also debuted his first solo single this week. Tune into all that and more below!


Wallows- "Pulling Leaves Off Trees"

L. Martin- "Blue Skies" 

BAUM- "Effortless"

Pumarose- "La Guarida Del Leon"

Aquilo- ii (Side A) EP

Tame Impala- Currents B-Sides EP

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Polygondwanaland

New Music Friday 11/10

New Music Friday this week brings a few comebacks and collaboration between Chicagoans. The Wombats returned with brand new single, which came backed with the news of a 2018 tour and new album called Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, out in February. Bastille also released their new single and video for "World Gone Mad" from an upcoming Netflix movie, and TEN FÉ are also back with their first single release since their debut album, which came out earlier this year. Another ANCHR favorite, Two Feet, teased news of a new EP coming early next year, releasing his first single from the EP today. As for the Chicago collaboration, NE-HI and Jamila Woods brought their own distinct styles to their new single ""The Times I'm Not There." On the album front, Tennis and Jagara have new EPS, while Spinning Coin, Sleigh Bells and TEST put out full lengths. Get listening to all that and more below, and stay tuned for an interview with TEST coming next week!

Paul Cherry- "Like Yesterday"

TEN FE- "Single, No Return"

LPX- "Slide"

The Wombats- "Lemon To a Knife Fight"

NE-HI and Jamila Woods- "The Times I'm Not There"

Two Feet- "I Feel Like I'm Drowning"


Bastille-"World Gone Mad"

Tennis- We Can Die Happy EP

Jagara- Twice EP

Spinning Coin- Permo

Sleigh Bells- Kid Kruschev

TEST- Brain in / Brain Out

PREMIERE: "OH" by Dancing on Tables

Edinburgh indie pop band Dancing on Tables are back with a brand new single "OH," which comes after their successful 2016 EP, Don't Stop. "OH" is officially out tomorrow, but we're giving you an exclusive first listen below! Talking about the process behind the song, the band say:

"The idea for 'OH' came from Callum talking about the difficulties of trying to maintain a long distance relationship while he was at University. We wanted the track to convey how difficult these situations can be in the beginning, but how in the end it is always worth the perseverance. Taking the track to Nashville to work on was a split second decision, but going to a completely new city with such a rich cultural heritage was incredibly inspiring, and a decision which definitely paid off. When we were discovering Nashville, you can’t help but immerse yourself in its history. The first thing on the to-do list there was to visit the world famous RCA studio. There, we listened to records that had been recorded there by the likes of Elvis and The Strokes. That evening, we starting working on OH, inspired to ensure we created a track that not only stands out from our own previous music, but one that can hold it’s own against the musical history we went to discover."

There you have get listening!

Dancing on Tables: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Track by Track: "No Kidding!" by The Fluids

Brooklyn trio The Fluids and their Talking Heads-esque debut single "Creatures" turned lots of heads (pun intended) after the tune's release in September. Since then, the band drip fed their fans songs from their debut album No Kidding!, which was just released October 27th via Axis Mundi Records. The post punk sound that the band has honed in on so perfectly has also gotten comparisons to the likes of Bowie and Echo & The Bunnymen. One listen to the album and you'll pick up on those nostalgic nods in lead singer Mike Tony's vocals and their punchy guitar melodies. In celebration of the album being released last month, Mike and lead guitarist Cooper Formant put together a track by track of the record. Check it out below!

Photo by Jordan Kuyper The Fluids is Cooper Formant, Mike Tony, and Nick DeMolina

Photo by Jordan Kuyper

The Fluids is Cooper Formant, Mike Tony, and Nick DeMolina


Mike: Maybe our most dynamic song,  and one of my faves to play live. 

Cooper: This is one of the ones where Mike sounds like a kid performing a rock opera for his sister and her friends in the basement as a a good way. This riff is pretty bluesy.

"Sign N Drive"

Mike: Catchy little song that really came together once Cooper introduced his guitar line. 

Cooper: This is the Miller Lite of the songs on No Kidding! The first few seconds are like cracking a cold light beer. It's hard for me not to picture Mike's aunt dancing in the front row at our shows when I hear this one. 

"New Land Sale"

A statement of intent. An anthem to kneel to.


I needed a slow song for our live sets and I wanted a chance to shred a solo over some airy synths.


A party song. But not a party I particularly want to go to.

"Heavy Door"

A big Bruce-esque power jam that culminates with an apropro sax solo

"Favorite Gun"

Mike: A last minute addition to the album - a reckless, unhinged sprint. 

Cooper: I imagine we are riding through the desert night in a convertible with Mike's dad and Adrian Grenier on our way to Vegas. 


A straight up blitz. Cooper’s guitar gives me goosebumps.

"Just Like Me"

A cathartic track, in terms of content and placement on the album.

"On Ice"

It’s like eating a McFlurry after a Big Mac meal. 

Listen to No Kidding! in full below, and keep up with The Fluids on social media: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram 

New Music Friday 11/3

New Music Friday this week has new tracks from some of the best! In the pop realm, VERITE and Allie X teamed up for pulsating dance track, while best friend duo Overcoats released brand new single "I Don't Believe In Us." Other new singles include Pinegrove's first single since their 2016 album, and Twin Peaks November dose of the Sweet '17 Singles. On the albums front, LA rockers Holy Wars and UK singer Banners have EPs out, while Shamir has put out sophomore release Revelations. Our pals Sedegwick also put out their debut album (which you can read more about here). Tune in to all that and more below!

Motion Cntrl- "In The Dream"

Verite and Allie X- "Casanova"

Overcoats- "I Don't Believe In Us"

Pinegrove- "Intrepid"

Ron Gallo and Naked Giants- "Sorry Not Everybody is You" and "The Age Of Information"

NE-HI- "Long Time"

Twins Peaks- "With You" and "Just Because"

Hookworms- "Negative Space"

JONES- "Something About Our Love"

BANNERS- Empires on Fire EP

Holy Wars- Mother Father EP

Sedgewick- Collapse

Shamir- Revelations

AUTOBAHN-The Moral Crossing

PREMIERE: Stereoshifter's New Single "Take a Ride"

Denver grunge band Stereoshifter have a brand new single, called "Take A Ride" out today! Get your first listen to the track below!

Catch Stereoshifter performing live at the following tour dates for the rest of the year. They're doing a hometown show to celebrate the single release, and then they'll be on the east coast. 

  • 11/3 3 Kings, Denver with Ramonda Hammer

  • 12/15 at Bowery Electric, NYC with LuLu Lewis

  • 12/16 at The Tusk, Philly with The Cryptkeeper Five

21688104_874273999401546_3875479757951608369_o (2).png

The band also recently released an EP called Whatever It Is To You, which you can listen to in full below!

Stereoshifter Facebook // Twitter // Instagram 

New Music Friday 10/27

This week's New Music Friday is packed with some hidden gems, like debuts from some of our favorite powerhouse vocalists, YEBBA and Skela. Both singer-songwriters from New York City have released new music this week; Skela in the form of her debut EP, and YEBBA releasing her official first single. Although it's her first single, the latter has already gotten attention from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bastille. Speaking of debuts, Clay Frankel of Twin Peaks and Home-Sick premiered the debut track of their new project Grapetooth. To Kill a King, Misterwives, Mansionair, and more also released new tracks today, while Julien Baker and John Maus put out stunning new albums. Tune into all that and more below!

Yebba Smith- "Evergreen"

Gavin James-"Hearts On Fire"

To Kill a King- "The Unspeakable Crimes of Peter Popoff"

Mansionair- "Astronaut" 

Dem Yuut- "Enough"

Misterwives- "Never Give Up On Me'

Slum Sociable- "Moby Bryant"

Skela-Skela EP

Shopping- "The Hype"

The Blood Moon Howlers - "Motor Mouth Mission"

Grapetooth- "Trouble"

John Maus- Screen Memories

Julien Baker- Turn Out The Lights

New Music Friday 10/20

Lots of bops in this week's New Music Friday! On the singles front, both MGMT and Liza Anne have made long awaited comebacks with "Little Dark Age" and "Paranoia." Our favorites The Fluids have drip fed another new single from their upcoming album, called "New Land Sale," and Matt Woods has also dropped yet another single. Chicago band Sedgewick also teased their upcoming album with new song "Red Moon" in advance of their free in-store performance at Shuga Records this weekend. On the album front, Bully released their sophomore album Losing today. Tune in to all that and more below!

Liza Anne- "Paranoia" 

Sedgewick- "Red Moon"

The Fluids- "New Land Sale"

Spinning Coin- "Money is a Drug"

Howard- "Mother's Wedding"

Frank Turner- "There She Is"

MGMT- "Little Dark Age"

Matt Woods- "Tounges"

Bully- Losing

Kllo- Backwater

New Music Friday 10/13

This week's New Music Friday is packed with the goods...especially from some hometown bands. Chicago's own Melkbelly and Pool Holograph both released new albums, while Modern Vices put out a new song. You can catch Melkbelly celebrating the release at The Hideout tonight, and Pool Holograph is playing a free show at Schubas on Monday. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile's highly anticipated collab album is also finally here, along with new records from the legends Beck and St. Vincent. On the singles front, pop queens Emily Warren, Bishop Briggs, and DAGNY all put out new tracks this week. Our new favorites from NYC, The Fluids, teased their upcoming album as well with a new track, and our pals Foreign Air put out their first song since April. Yoke Lore and Cara Salimando also released stunning covers, putting their own touch on popular songs. Tune into all that and more below!

Modern Vices- "If Only"

Cara Salimando- "Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby" (Cigarettes After Sex Cover)


Emily Warren- "Poking Holes"

Foreign Air-"Lying"

Yoke Lore- "Truly Madly Deeply" (Savage Garden cover)

Anna Burch- "2 Cool 2 Care"

Porches- "Country"

The Fluids- "Just Like Me"


Dagny- "Love You Like That"

Bishop Briggs- "Dream"

Julien Baker- "Turn Out the Lights"

Albin Lee Meldau- "Same Boat"

Dizzy- "Stars and Moons"

Cold War Kids- "So Tied Up"

King Krule- The Ooz

Beck- Colors

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile- Lotta Sea Lice


Melkbelly- Nothing Valley

Pool Holograph- Transparent World

PREMIERE: Thompson Springs Veltway Sessions

The Chicago-via-Madison trio Thompson Springs released their new EP Fond Regards on August 10th. Grooving guitar riffs and infectious rock melodies guide the five-track EP, which features Wilco's Pat Sansone and was mixed by Rob Laakso of Kurt Vile and the Violators. The trio, composed of Matt Smith, Andy Goitia, and Jacob Bicknase also recently recorded a live version of one of the tracks, "Overloadin' My Heart," at a Veltway Session. To celebrate their European tour, we're bringing you the exclusive first look at their session here. 


Thompson Springs' European tour starts Wednesday. See all of the dates below.

10/11 Cologne, DE  Kulturcafe Lichtung
10/12 Berlin, DE  Artliners Berlin w/ Rosie Haden
10/13 Copenhagen, DK  Studenterhuset
10/14 Svendborg, DK  Spillestedet Harder's
10/15 Malmo, SE  Folk å Rock (Official)
10/16 Breda, NL  Sofar Sounds Breda
10/18 Aachen, DE  Langer Turm
10/19 Luxembourg City, LUX  Crossfire - The Nordic Bar
10/20 Brussels, BE House Show
10/22 Utrecht, NL Tivoli

Last week, we also caught a live set from Thompson Springs at Subterranean. Check out some portraits and live shots from that show here. Photos by Catalina Florea

Thompson Springs will return for a hometown show on November 5th and Schubas Tavern. Grab tickets here. 

New Music Friday 10/6

Lots of great music out this week from some of our favorite artists! Aquilo, who will be in town on Tuesday, have a harmonic and hypnotizing new single out. On the local front, Chicago's Twin Peaks put out their final double singles of the year, while new band Town Criers released their debut single "Rip It Up." Another fresh face, Isador, debuted his first single "Falling" earlier in the week. On the album front, Alex Lahey, Frida Sundemo, and Rationale both finally released their highly anticipated debut albums. Start your weekend by tuning into all that and more below!

Aquilo- "Thin"

Twin Peaks- "Blue Coupe" & "On The Line"


SHAED- "Lonesome"

Town Criers- "Rip it Up"

Bruiser Queen- "Sugar High"

LÉON- Surround Me EP

Cults- Offering

Citizen- As You Please

Frida Sundemo-Flashbacks & Futures

Alex Lahey-I Love You Like a Brother

Rationale- Rationale



New Music Friday 9/29

This week's New Music Friday brings singles from all across the genre-sphere. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile have released another collaborative single to tease their upcoming album, while sultry songwriter BANKS has put out a one-off single. Rockers Bully also teased their upcoming album with their newest single, and songwriter Ezra Furman released a new single accompanied by a new music video, which he dedicated to Heather Heyer. On the album front, our friends in Lucille Furs have dropped their long awaited debut album, which they will be celebrating tonight at the Virgin Hotel. Wolf Alice returned with their promising sophomore album and Barns Courtney has finally released a debut album after touring consistently for years. Florist and Torres also have stunning new records out today...Listen to all that and more below!

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile- "Continental Breakfast"

The Covasettes- "This Feeling"

Bully-"Kills to Be Resistant"

The Fluids- "Sign n' Drive"

Down and Outlaws- "Imposter"

First Aid Kit- "It's a Shame"


Oil Boom- "Earful"

BORNS- "Sweat Dreams"

Ezra Furman- "Driving Down to L.A"

Rozes- "Famous"

Lucille Furs- Lucille Furs

Wolf Alice-Visions of a Life

Monogold- Babyfood

Barns Courtney- The Attractions Of Youth

Ibeyi- Ash

Florist- If Blue Could Be Happiness

Torres- Three Futures

Protomartyr- Relatives In Descent

Monogold x ANCHR Magazine: An Exclusive Fall Playlist

Although it's been a hot week in Chicago, Brooklyn based trio Monogold helped us get ready for inevitable Fall weather by composing their own Fall playlist, featuring some of their favorite songs of the season. Give it a listen and check out the band's commentary below!

Black Sabbath - "Children of the Grave" - It has grave in the title. 

The Sundays - "You're Not the Only One I Know" - We've always listened to this record on our fall tours. 

Pixies - "Motorway to Roswell" - It has a sci-fi B movie feel. makes us think of Ed Wood

Sonic Youth - "Hoarfrost" - Sonic youth always seems like a band you should be listening to while wearing a flannel. It's flannel season, baby.

Pretenders - "Don't Get Me Wrong" - CVS. 1993. waiting in line holding your mom's hand buying huge bags of candy. 

Follow Monogold on their social media, and listen to their latest single "Feelers" below! Their new album Babyfood will be out this Friday, 9/29. 

Monogold Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

New Music Friday 9/22

Tons of new tunes out today! Indie pop singer Maggie Rogers released a "parting gift" single before she retreats from touring and the limelight to work on an album, while British rockers The Hunna released their first piece of music since their 2016 debut album. Fellow Brits Wolf Alice and Barns Courtney have released new singles from their upcoming albums, and Banners put out the lead single from his upcoming EP. Speaking of EPs, The Lemon Twigs and Space4Lease both put out their highly anticipated EPs today. On the album front, it's a great day for Chicago because local favorites Knox Fortune and Jude Shuma released their debut albums. Listen to all of that and more below!

Maggie Rogers- "Split Stones"

Wolf Alice- "Heavanward"

Barns Courtney- "Champion"

The Hunna- "Summer"

Lizzo- "Truth Hurts"

Banners- "Firefly"



Joey Sweeny- "Digital Light"

Monogold- "Feelers"

Space4Lease- Drifting EP

The Lemon Twigs- Brothers of Destruction EP

Knox Fortune- Paradise

Hiss Golden Messenger- Hallelujah Anyhow

Jude Shuma- Reflection

METZ- Strange Peace

Moses Sumney- Aromanticism

The Killers- Wonderful Wonderful