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New Music Friday 12.8

It's been a couple of weeks since the last New Music Friday post on ANCHR since not too many albums come out in December, but there's too many new jams this week to not do one this week. Chicago's leading the pack this week with two new singles from Twin Peaks (the final of their Sweet '17 Singles series), the second single from L. Martin (former frontman of The Walters), and the official release of Blue Dream's "Freedom Eyes." The Wombats also put out the second bop from their upcoming album, out in February, while NVDES has a new EP out. Last but not least, Vundabar, Moose Blood, and HAERTS also have new singles out. Tune into all of it and more below!

The Wombats- "Turn"

Twin Peaks-"We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)" and "In The Meadow"


L. Martin-"Dirty Sheets"

Moose Blood- "Talk in Your Sleep"

SOHN- "Red Lines"

HAERTS- "The Way"

Blue Dream- "Freedom Eyes" and "Whole Stole the Flowers"

Joey Sweeney-"Don't Kill Yourself This Christmas"

NVDE-Vol. 2