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Playlist: Dream Version Exclusive for ANCHR

Tomorrow is the day! Our pals Dream Version are releasing their new album called Fight Fair. To celebrate, the Chicago trio made us an exclusive playlist. Listen to it and check out what they had to say about the songs they selected below!

Thumbnail image courtesy of Dream Version

1.  Yes Sir, No Sir / The Kinks

2.  Yo-Yo / Pylon

3.  Scared Straight / The Long Winters

4.  No Bulbs (single version) / The Fall

5.  Ping Pong Affair / The Slits

6.  The Glittering Prizes / Television Personalities

7.  Goldilocks Zone / Grass Widow

8.  We Are Underused / Pavement

9.  Flower Gardens / Chad VanGaalen

10.  Like A Prayer / Madonna

Songs about various flavors of fear (1,3,9)

Songs about the costs of deferring to authority (1,6)

Songs about continuing to play a game you know is rigged (2,6,8)

Songs that are just cool sonic influences (4,5)

Songs about weird religious themes (7,10)

Make sure you also grab a ticket to see Dream Version this Saturday night at Lincoln Hall for their special album release show. Tickets start at $10 and you can buy there here. 

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