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PREMIERE: “Asleep On The Floor" By Momma's Boy

Today we’re sharing an exclusive first listen to “Asleep On The Floor” from Kansas City’s Momma’s Boy.

Artwork: Jared Bajkowski, @abeardedbassist Photography: Skylar Jaynes Cowdry @skylarcowdry

Artwork: Jared Bajkowski, @abeardedbassist
Photography: Skylar Jaynes Cowdry @skylarcowdry

The self-produced track was recorded and mixed in the band’s attic rehearsal space by bassist Jared Bajkowski and mastered by Shy Boys member Ross Brown. Talking about the song, the band says, “At its core, ‘Asleep On The Floor’ explores the exasperation and pain that comes with having said ‘sorry’ so many times that it’s lost all meaning — even if you still mean it.”

The single reflects the band’s rough-around-the-edges, made-in-the-midwest ethos via its lo-fi production style and western-flavored arrangement. Combining the raspy croon of singer Shaun Crowley with acoustic guitars and distant, dive bar guitars, the track conjures an atmosphere scattered with empty bottles and the perfume of regret, giving listeners a glimpse at the pain and futility of the worn out apology.

Now that you know the backstory, take your first listen of the song below!

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