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PREMIERE: "Hoops" by Siblings

Chicago band Siblings is sharing their new their new single “Hoops” today, as an exclusive early premiere.

Siblings is Kevin Greene, Max McKenna, and Sarah Giovannetti

Siblings is Kevin Greene, Max McKenna, and Sarah Giovannetti

The new track follows up Siblings’ EP, "Revelry," which was released in April 2019, and the band says that "Hoops" is both a love song to the sport of basketball and a play on sports-as-metaphor.

Lead singer and songwriter of “Hoops,” Kevin Greene says, "I was killing time in the Loop last fall when the opening lines of this song popped into my head: 'Fake flowers / real garden / real bricks / James Harden.' I thought, 'Gee, this might hurt James Harden's feelings if he ever heard it.' But as a basketball fan, Harden had hurt my feelings a lot over the past few years, so I decided it was only fair.” The rest of the song then came together in the following few weeks, right around the start of the NBA regular season. “That the song turned into a musical homage to the band’s shared adolescence in the mid-aughts proved serendipitous, as it was during those years that I abandoned a pursuit of athletics, where I never really excelled, in favor of the arts. A smart person once told me that we write the songs we want to hear. 'Hoops' brings together two of my absolute favorite things and is on repeat in my heart and headphones constantly. Now I just need to make sure James Harden hears it,” Greene adds.

Catch Siblings live at Burlington Bar on June 20th, and take your first listen of “Hoops” below!