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Frenship Delivers Explosive Energy As Part of Bastille's Wild, Wild World Tour

This past Sunday night we caught up and coming duo FRENSHIP in Barcelona, supporting Bastille on their Wild, Wild World Tour at Sant Jordi Club. The Los Angeles based group fuse rock, pop, and electronic elements to craft upbeat and catchy tunes that will easily get lodged in your brain, and their live show with a full band only further amplified the energy found in their music.

FRENSHIP at Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona

FRENSHIP at Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona

The 7:30 PM set started with the tune "Run Wild," with frontmen James Sunderland and Brett Hite instantly hooking the crowd with their stage presence. The audience dished the energy right back to James, Brett, and their band-- everyone in the front row dancing along and some well-versed audience members even singing along.

For the second song, "Carpet," the dance party continued with the band members shuffling themselves around on stage, with keyboardist and vocalist Celeste moving from stage right to stage left. The performance grew even more dynamic and lively as James and Brett faced off in a drum battle during "Knives."  

As the band rocked through singles “Nowhere” and “Morrison,” they all had infectious smiles on their faces, and they made sure to work every side of the stage so that no part of the 3,000 capacity venue felt left out. The highlight of their 30 minute set had to be the performance of their most popular track, “Capsize,” which was originally recorded with singer Emily Warren. Celeste took center stage during the song to sing the unforgettable melody and chorus of the track, and the energy of the night hit it’s peak.

Just around 8PM, the set concluded with new song “1,000 Nights,” but not before James and Brett had a full-on dance off and another drum battle with each other.

The fact that FRENSHIP are already able to establish such a connection with a foreign audience and as a support act leaves no doubt that we'll all be seeing and hearing a lot more from this band in 2017. If you like dancing and having a good time, make sure you get yourself to a FRENSHIP gig as soon as possible. Check out their tour dates here and listen to their debut EP Truce below: