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PHOTOS: The Shelters at Beat Kitchen on 4.12.17

Words and Photos by Jennifer Machuca

On Wednesday, April 12th, the faintly lit stage of Beat Kitchen glimmers and the venue is awash with chattering anticipation for the evening's show. Forming in 2015, Los Angeles rockers The Shelters deliver a confident mix of alternative indie rock with bluesy punk undertones, and have already caught the notice of the legendary Tom Petty, who has served as producer for them.

Opening with “Birdwatching”, the four piece instantly had the crowd on their feet. Mesmerized, the crowd swayed to the hypnotic riff of “Liar” as the set continued. Other fan favorites, including “Rebel Heart,” had the crowd singing back the lyrics, and the dancing continued throughout all of “Down.”

The Shelters are reminiscent of acts like The Black Keys because of their modern combinations of blues and rock. In the live setting, they intricately perform songs with the same rowdiness and volatile energy that rivals bands like Cage The Elephant. Despite their short existence, The Shelters are an exciting up and coming rock n’ roll band providing a refreshing take on classic rock elements that give a taste of the past with their own modern twists.  Catch them back in Chicago at Grant Park on Saturday, August 5th performing for Lollapalooza.

Photo Gallery of The Shelters and Modern Vices

Stream The Shelters' debut, self-titled album here to get ready for their epic return: