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Joey Vannucchi Is The Poster Child for Soft Indie Rock: From Indian Lakes Charms Minneapolis on 5.16.17

Wearing an ill-fitting white t-shirt, cuffed jeans and a simple gold ring, Joey Vannucchi is the poster child for soft indie rock. The soothing lead singer of From Indian Lakes charmed the crowd last Tuesday at 7th St Entry, offering a lulled but impactful set.

From Indian Lakes is known for sweet acoustic melodies and intricate rhythms. However, when listening to their studio recordings, I found it difficult to understand how their sound would translate to a live setting. I entered the venue with skepticism, but my expectations were soon blown out of the water.

Queen of Jeans opened the night with a wonderful set. They played off of each other with ease and became more comfortable with the help of an accepting Minnesota crowd. This newer band from Philadelphia has released one self-titled EP in 2016. Their female-fronted sound is eclectic and complex, switching off between the lead singer’s higher voice and standard indie rock guitar. I highly suggest checking out their music.

Vannucchi and the band soon took the stage under a neon ‘FIL’ sign. The mood in the venue instantly changed. Although they were opening for Balance and Composure, many of the people in the crowd seemed to be there for From Indian Lakes. Vannucchi committed fully to every song, quickly tossing off his hat during the first few songs. Their highly layered live sound built powerfully on their studio recordings.

As the set developed, the energy increased but refused overwhelm the music. They took their time with each song and made sure to connect with the audience. Dreamy vocals paired with amazing percussive work had the audience nodding along with every song.

I felt like I was in a world created by Vannucchi. His lyrics are captivating and the softer instrumentation allows for a close focus on the specific mood of each song. I haven’t seen someone feel their own music in a very long time. He often got lost in the song and I was right there with him.

The set ended with “Happy Machines”, the song whose lyrics give the title to their album Everything Feels Better Now. This song was a perfect end to the night, with grittier guitar fitting seamlessly with the more delicate piano. This performance showcased From Indian Lakes’ maturity and experience with their own music. Their live show is one of the most captivating I have ever seen.

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