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PHOTOS: Public at Schubas 7.25.17

Public is one of the most personable bands out there right now. If you come to their show, they want to know your story...what brought you to their music. They also want you to leave with something new; a takeaway from their live performance that you can't find anywhere else. And during their hour long set on Tuesday night at Schubas Tavern, the trio delivered exactly what they set out to at the start of tour; a unique experience that put each member of the audience in a better mood and higher spirits than when they entered the concert hall. By the end of the night, even the most tame members of the crowd had found themselves out of their chairs and dancing in the crowd.

Although the dancing reached its peak during the final song of the night "4Her," songs like "Pretty Face" and "Make You Mine" also had the crowd moving. In our interview before the show, frontman John Vaughn described his vision of their developed live show this tour, and their set went above and beyond what he explained. Before the trio played "Make You Mine," towards the end of the set, Vaughn gave the crowd some insight to his inspiration behind the song. These introductions occurred before most of the songs, acting as another way to keep the crowd engaged. The majority of the songs also featured special arrangements or extended jams between the band members that you can't hear on the EPs Sweet Lemonade or Let's Remake It. Mixing things up even more, the set also featured a very well-received cover of "Toxic" by Britney Spears. 

If you're looking for a truly unique concert experience, make sure you go see Public on the remaining dates of their Sweet Lemonade Tour. You can see all of the tour dates here, and check out a photo gallery of their show below. 

While you wait patiently for our interview with Public, in which they reveal their most recent Google searches, each others' pet peeves, the secrets behind their show and more...listen to the Sweet Lemonade EP in full below!