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LIVE: Gordi Delivers an Ethereal Performance at Schubas Tavern

Basked in purple lights and smoke, Australian singer Gordi delivered a performance at Schubas Tavern that was ethereal, yet yielded a high degree of raw emotional power. Her deeply humanistic lyrics were sung with closed eyes and a wavered hand, creating an essence of authenticity that made it feel as if she hit a bullseye into the epicenter of one’s soul.

Photo Credit: Cameron Wittig

Photo Credit: Cameron Wittig

The result of this was pure captivation. The sizeable crowd stood facing the stage - with little to no chatter otherwise - for an overwhelming majority of the performance. In a sense it is almost more difficult to maintain attention than it is to harness it, but this manifested automatically and almost effortlessly from the moment Gordi began the set until she departed the stage. This is, perhaps, due to the intriguing cerebral element that her music contains. With the accompanying musical elements being skillful yet soft, the lyrics are made to be the artistic focal point. The beauty of this, however, is that it serves as a catalyst for connectivity. Listeners are left to think about the words being sung, crafting their own unique meaning  to the text in the process. This is one of the most noteworthy facets of Gordi’s music: it allows people to develop a potent relationship to it.

The emotional heaviness within Gordi’s songs was delightfully juxtaposed by the humorous anecdotes she told between songs. Whether it be a tale about past crowds or about barely making it onto a plane to Toronto, Gordi presented herself as a well-rounded creator. She wasn’t just a musician on a stage; she displayed her witty personality which allowed audience members to connect with her on a personal level as well as a musical one.

One of the anecdotes Gordi told between songs centered on her creative process when bringing the track “Heaven I Know” to fruition. She told the audience that she started working on the song during a long solo driving trip, when she was completely without instruments and unable to write. As a result, she would talk out the counts of the song to conjure up the pace and rhythm. These counts ultimately made it into the final recorded version of the track, but they are spoken so rhythmically subtly that one who does not know the authenticity of their sonic origins may miss their presence all together. However, since the audience was told this story prior to it being played, it was able to be appreciated that a facet of the song’s most primitive stages made it all the way to the final cut. The presence of the counts in the song were a welcome combination of all that is thoughtful and true, making the listening experience that much more personal and meaningful.

The music of Gordi is so alluring to the ear because it is riddled with workable opposites. It is dreamy with a dash of realism, delicate yet tenacious, and subtle yet containing the innate ability to cultivate power and impact. The artistic needs of the mind, ear, and soul are all met in equilibrium.

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