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LIVE: Alvvays Enchants a Sold Out Metro Last Friday Night

As soon as the doors opened at the Metro last Friday night, the Wrigleyville venue was completely packed with eager fans excited for Alvvays' sold out show. Throughout the crowd you can hear fans talking about their favorite melodramatic songs and the hopes that Alvvays would play everything they wanted to hear, heightening the anticipation of the band's appearance even more. 

Molly Rankin of Alvvays at the Metro on 3/23/17

Molly Rankin of Alvvays at the Metro on 3/23/17

Fronted by Molly Rankin, the indie pop group hit the stage and began strumming to the venue, filling it with downtempo melodies and honest, lighthearted lyrics. Not every song was low beat, though; "Your Type” and “Plimsoll Punks”, from the 2017 release album Antisocialites picked up the pace, allowing fans to stomp along to the beat and even encouraged a few crowd surfers to float around the room. “Forget About Life” casted a beautiful singalong throughout the concert hall. 

Near the end of the set, the band's hit “Archie,Marry Me” made its appearance with its catchy rhymes and anthemic chorus. As you hear those lyrics “Hey, hey marry me, Archie," you can't help but want to grab the hand of your special someone “Tonight Tonight.” To make sure you don't miss Alvvays' magical show in a city near you, see their upcoming tour dates here. 

While you wait for Alvvays to come back through Chicago, revisit their latest album Antisocialites below!