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PHOTOS: Grizfolk, Flor and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 03.02.19

This past Saturday night in Chicago, Grizfolk, Flor and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness rocked the packed house at The Riviera Theatre. Check out our photo recap of the evening below!

Live Recap: Barns Courtney and The Kooks at The Riviera 02.21.19

This past Thursday night, The Kooks returned to Chicago for the first time since the release of their fifth studio album, Let’s Go Sunshine.

After Future Feats opened up the show, singer-songwriter Barns Courtney warmed up the packed house, getting everyone ready for The Kooks with a blaze of energy. Courtney burst onto the stage to join his live band as they opened up with an unreleased track “Fun Never Ends.” The high energy song set up the crowd to expect a good time from Courtney’s set, and he definitely lived up to that expectation as he sang through songs from his debut album and some new singles. As Courtney sauntered across the stage and put his all into his music, an appreciative fan shouted “you’re the coolest person ever!” Based on the amount of audience members dancing and singing along, both on the floor and in the balcony, it seemed that most agreed with the enthusiastic fan. The spirit of Courtney’s set culminated during the final few songs “Kicks” and “Fire,” in which the singer first crowd surfed, and then finished out the set singing the latter in the middle of the crowd.

Needless to say, Barns Courtney’s set left the crowd buzzing and ready for The Kooks, who hit the stage performing one of their classics “Always Where I Need To Be.” From their years of playing together, the band members had a sense of chemistry and ease about them that perfectly complemented lead singer Luke Pritchard’s captivating stage presence. Alongside the band’s long history of playing together and their lengthy setlist that pulled songs from every chapter of their extensive discography, The Kooks also had an impressive light show that added another special touch to their live show without being overpowering.

While the mood remained very energetic for most of the night, allowing for Pritchard to show off his dance moves, the set did slow down during the performance of “See Me Now” from 2014’s Listen, which Pritchard dedicated to his late father. Pritchard performed the emotional song at the piano, sans his bandmates. Although a hush fell over the crowd during this song, with everyone giving their undivided attention to the stage, the energy quickly picked back up when the full band rejoined Pritchard for “Pamela” from the latest album. While the band members kept their onstage chatting to a minimum in order to focus on the music, they didn’t shy away from fleshing out their songs with special, one-of-a-kind live arrangements. During “Bad Habit,” the band extended the introduction as Pritchard and the audience members partook in a call-and-response style chant, and during “Seaside,” the audience sounded like a choir backup Pritchard’s vocals in the simple song.

Eventually the time came for The Kooks to leave the stage, but it didn’t take long for the crowd to request an encore performance. Instead of the traditional “one more song!” or “encore!” chants, the crowd asked for the band to return by chanting the vocalized introduction to “Bad Habit” once again. The band obliged and returned with “No Pressure” and “Naive.” Before they began the final song of the night, Pritchard dedicated that night’s performance of the 2006 single to fan named Jeffery, giving one lucky fan a very special memory of the evening.

The Kooks wrap up their North American tour this week— see their live dates here, and check out our photo recap of Thursday night below.

Listen to Let’s Go Sunshine in full below

Live Recap: Tenacious D Rocked The Riviera for Two Sold Out Shows

Earlier in the week, Jack Black and Kyle Gass—better known as Tenacious D—brought their mix of rock’n’roll and comedy to Chicago’s Riviera Theatre for not one, but two sold out performances. The duo’s latest project comes in the form of six-part animated series released on YouTube, called Post-Apocalypto, and their recent tour centered around the new series. On both nights, the show kicked off with a large screen positioned at the front of the stage, the video for the Post-Apocalypto theme projected on the screen. The screen remained on stage for the first several songs of the set, with Black, Gass, and their band performing behind it as video clips weaved throughout songs like “Hope,” “Take Us Into Space,” and “Robot.” Longtime devoted fans of Tenacious D packed the concert theatre in Uptown, and everyone remained completely enthralled with the audiovisual-filled first half of the set.

After playing through all of the newest songs on Post-Apocalypto, Black and Gass took it back to the early days of 2012, 2006, and 2001, playing crowd favorites from their albums Rize of The Fenix, The Pick Of Destiny, and Tenacious D. As they played through part two sans the projection screen, their lighting show still remained intricate, and the production changed for each song. While the magic of Tenacious D’s show really stemmed from Black and Gass’s charisma on stage, the production design really added a theatrical and dynamic layer to the show. Tenacious D’s performance was more than just a concert, it was a fully immersive live experience that had the entire audience walking away with smiles.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to score a ticket to the sold out shows, check out photos from Wednesday, November 14th below and see where you can catch the tour next here.

Keep up with Tenacious D on Instagram and Facebook, and watch Post-Apocalypto below.

PHOTOS: Mallrat and Maggie Rogers at The Riv 10.30.18

This past Tuesday night, Mallrat made her Chicago debut, warming up the stage for Maggie Rogers. The sold out Riviera Theatre marked Rogers’ biggest headline show to date, but after her performance on SNL this coming Saturday, she’ll surely keep playing bigger and bigger shows. If you couldn’t snag a ticket to the show, check out our photo gallery below.

Listen to Mallrat’s In the Sky EP below, and keep up with her on Instagram + Facebook

PHOTOS: Hudson Taylor and Hozier at The Riv 09.21.18

Last Friday night, Hudson Taylor returned to Chicago to play their biggest show here yet, opening up a completely sold out Riviera Theatre for Hozier. The band has played massive shows back home in Ireland, and the packed house in Chicago welcomed brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor and their band with open arms. Once Hudson Taylor had warmed up the eager audience, Hozier made his long awaited return, performing old favorites, songs from his new EP Nina Cried Power, as well as brand new, unreleased track “Movement.”

If you missed out on the eventful evening, check out photos of the show below, and see where else you can catch the tour here.

Hudson Taylor Facebook + Instagram

PHOTOS: King Krule at The Riviera Theatre 4.27.18

Photos from King Krule's show at Uptown's Riviera Theatre on Friday, April 27th, 2018

See King Krule's upcoming tour dates here