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PREMIERE: "OH" by Dancing on Tables

Edinburgh indie pop band Dancing on Tables are back with a brand new single "OH," which comes after their successful 2016 EP, Don't Stop. "OH" is officially out tomorrow, but we're giving you an exclusive first listen below! Talking about the process behind the song, the band say:

"The idea for 'OH' came from Callum talking about the difficulties of trying to maintain a long distance relationship while he was at University. We wanted the track to convey how difficult these situations can be in the beginning, but how in the end it is always worth the perseverance. Taking the track to Nashville to work on was a split second decision, but going to a completely new city with such a rich cultural heritage was incredibly inspiring, and a decision which definitely paid off. When we were discovering Nashville, you can’t help but immerse yourself in its history. The first thing on the to-do list there was to visit the world famous RCA studio. There, we listened to records that had been recorded there by the likes of Elvis and The Strokes. That evening, we starting working on OH, inspired to ensure we created a track that not only stands out from our own previous music, but one that can hold it’s own against the musical history we went to discover."

There you have get listening!

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