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New Music Friday 11/10

New Music Friday this week brings a few comebacks and collaboration between Chicagoans. The Wombats returned with brand new single, which came backed with the news of a 2018 tour and new album called Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, out in February. Bastille also released their new single and video for "World Gone Mad" from an upcoming Netflix movie, and TEN FÉ are also back with their first single release since their debut album, which came out earlier this year. Another ANCHR favorite, Two Feet, teased news of a new EP coming early next year, releasing his first single from the EP today. As for the Chicago collaboration, NE-HI and Jamila Woods brought their own distinct styles to their new single ""The Times I'm Not There." On the album front, Tennis and Jagara have new EPS, while Spinning Coin, Sleigh Bells and TEST put out full lengths. Get listening to all that and more below, and stay tuned for an interview with TEST coming next week!

Paul Cherry- "Like Yesterday"

TEN FE- "Single, No Return"

LPX- "Slide"

The Wombats- "Lemon To a Knife Fight"

NE-HI and Jamila Woods- "The Times I'm Not There"

Two Feet- "I Feel Like I'm Drowning"


Bastille-"World Gone Mad"

Tennis- We Can Die Happy EP

Jagara- Twice EP

Spinning Coin- Permo

Sleigh Bells- Kid Kruschev

TEST- Brain in / Brain Out