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Thalia Hall Crowd Marveled by Lewis Del Mar, 5.6.17

Around 9:15 this past Saturday, Danny Miller and Max Harwood of Lewis Del Mar took the stage at Thalia Hall with their band to an endless echo of welcoming cheers and applause. Kicking off their 14-song set, the band began to play “Such Small Scenes” in front of a video backdrop, which changed throughout the night during each song. “I feel fucking fearless right now,” Miller says as they finish the first song to even louder cheers than when they made their entrance. Miller also mentions that this show is the most people they’ve ever played to at a headline show the band dives into the next pair of songs, “14 Faces” and “Wave(s).”  

Before the next song of the evening, Miller mentions that he wrote it after visiting the town where his parents met, Puerto Cabezas. As the band members transition from “Puerto Cabezas, NI” into “Memories” from their debut EP, they deliver an elaborative jam session. During the jam session, Miller, Harwood, and their band mates all have the biggest smiles on their faces and it’s clear they love what they do. Miller gives more of an insight into the formation of Lewis Del Mar before they perform the song “Islands,” which he says is the first song he and Harwood ever wrote together. During the performance of “Islands,” Max had moved off drums, slowing down the pace of the evening. The mood remained mellow for the following tune, “Live That Long,” but the energy immediately amplified during the single “Painting(Masterpiece).”

As the set came near an end, the energy and the crowd response only escalated, especially during “Malt Liquor” and “Tap Water Drinking,” which both had the crowd dancing and clapping along. Before playing the latter, Miller took a moment to introduce the band and articulate how appreciative he and Harwood are to be a part of such a diverse community each night on tour. The band delivered an explosive finale of “Tap Water Drinking” before leaving the stage for a moment, with cheers and applause reaching a peak point of the evening. Following a deafening few minutes, Lewis Del Mar returned to the stage with their excellent support act, Anna The Wise, to perform a perfectly executed cover of “Runaway” by Kanye West. After the collaborative cover performance, Miller took a second to humbly address the crowd again, saying that they’ve had a hell of a first year as a band. He mentioned that after this tour they’ll be working on new music, but emphasized how grateful he is to do this with his best friend every night. The incredible evening wrapped up around 10:30 with Lewis Del Mar’s viral single “Loud(y),” which had the whole crowd loudly singing along.

Photo Gallery by Christian Heinzel

The Set List


  1. Such Small Scenes

  2. 14 Faces

  3. Wave(s)

  4. Puerta Cabezas, NI

  5. Jamming

  6. Memories

  7. H.D.L

  8. Islands

  9. Live That Long

  10. Painting (Masterpiece)

  11. Malt Liquor

  12. Tap Water Drinking

  13. Runaway

  14. Loud(y)

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