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Hangout Highlights Day 2

Day two of Hangout Fest brought even more festivities and more music than the first day. Although it was supposed to storm all day, the good vibes kept the rain away until the evening. Check out which of the countless acts stood out on the middle day of Hangout 2017!

Mondo Cozmo Chugged a Beer at 12:30 PM

Singer-songwriter Mondo Cozmo kicked off Saturday's performances on the Fitz's Stage in chugging a beer. Right at the start of their hour long set, Frontman Josh Ostrander pooled all of the cash that he and his band had and asked for a volunteer in the crowd to go on a beer run. When the volunteer returned, the crowd started a "chug" chant, and Ostrander stepped up to the challenge. The rest of his set included a live premiere of an unreleased song, and every song had the crowd moving along. Later in the afternoon, Ostrander also performed an acoustic set for some lucky festival goers (photographed below). 

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

A R I Z O N A Played On Stage Way Too Small For Them

The Jersey natives ironically named after another state hit the BMI Stage at 1:30 on Saturday, to a massive crowd on the beach. With all of their streaming success (the band is close to 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify), A R I Z O N A definitely could have played one of the bigger stages at Hangout Fest. Despite having some technical difficulties, the show went on, albeit acoustically for some songs, and the crowd was loving it. About halfway through the set, the party got even crazier when a hamburger, a donut, and a poop emoji float was thrown into the crowd. 

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

Mutemath Covered Black Hole Sun

Mutemath also drew a huge crowd at The Hangout stage for their 1:30 PM set, which included a special tribute to the late Chris Cornell. The New Orleans based band performed a stunning version of "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden, in respect of Cornell. Later on in their set, they had a surprise guest, who helped out with her singing and dancing skills (photographed below).  

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

Local Natives' Frontman Took A Walk In The Crowd

Local Natives delivered an incredible set filled with positive vibes at 2:30 on The Surf Stage. During their third song, Taylor Rice hopped off stage to join the crowd, microphone and all. Rice also took some time during the set to promote activism among our generation, reminding the crowd that we all have a choice of what happens to the world before they played "Fountain Of Youth." Their feel-good set wrapped up with Rice going back into the crowd with an epic stage dive.

Lewis Del Mar Crowd Surfed With A Giant Turtle

Hands down the best set of Hangout Day Two, Danny Miller and Max Harwood of Lewis Del Mar kept their word on their promise to play their asses off for the crowd. Not only did they deliver a gripping rendition of Kanye's song "Runaway" with special guest Anna Wise, but lead singer Danny Miller also took a ride on a turtle float towards the end of the set. Their dynamic and explosive performance concluded with the crowd going all out for the duo's viral song "Loud(y)." Check out the video of Miller's epic crowd surf below.

The Crowd Collectively Cheered During The Start Of "The Funeral"

Band of Horses kicked off Saturday evening at the festival with their mesmerizing set at The Hangout Stage. Their relaxed folk sound was the perfect breather for the festival goers that had been going since gates opened at 11. The highlight of their hypnotizing set had to be when the opening chords of "The Funeral" rang out and the entire crowd cheered with recognition of the popular track. 

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

 Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

The rain finally arrived during Saturday evening, pushing up Twenty One Pilot's start time to 9PM, but unfortunately the festival had to be cut short just before 10PM due to the storm. Stay tuned for updates from the final day of Hangout Fest. 


Thumbnail image courtesy of  Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival

Thalia Hall Crowd Marveled by Lewis Del Mar, 5.6.17

Around 9:15 this past Saturday, Danny Miller and Max Harwood of Lewis Del Mar took the stage at Thalia Hall with their band to an endless echo of welcoming cheers and applause. Kicking off their 14-song set, the band began to play “Such Small Scenes” in front of a video backdrop, which changed throughout the night during each song. “I feel fucking fearless right now,” Miller says as they finish the first song to even louder cheers than when they made their entrance. Miller also mentions that this show is the most people they’ve ever played to at a headline show the band dives into the next pair of songs, “14 Faces” and “Wave(s).”  

Before the next song of the evening, Miller mentions that he wrote it after visiting the town where his parents met, Puerto Cabezas. As the band members transition from “Puerto Cabezas, NI” into “Memories” from their debut EP, they deliver an elaborative jam session. During the jam session, Miller, Harwood, and their band mates all have the biggest smiles on their faces and it’s clear they love what they do. Miller gives more of an insight into the formation of Lewis Del Mar before they perform the song “Islands,” which he says is the first song he and Harwood ever wrote together. During the performance of “Islands,” Max had moved off drums, slowing down the pace of the evening. The mood remained mellow for the following tune, “Live That Long,” but the energy immediately amplified during the single “Painting(Masterpiece).”

As the set came near an end, the energy and the crowd response only escalated, especially during “Malt Liquor” and “Tap Water Drinking,” which both had the crowd dancing and clapping along. Before playing the latter, Miller took a moment to introduce the band and articulate how appreciative he and Harwood are to be a part of such a diverse community each night on tour. The band delivered an explosive finale of “Tap Water Drinking” before leaving the stage for a moment, with cheers and applause reaching a peak point of the evening. Following a deafening few minutes, Lewis Del Mar returned to the stage with their excellent support act, Anna The Wise, to perform a perfectly executed cover of “Runaway” by Kanye West. After the collaborative cover performance, Miller took a second to humbly address the crowd again, saying that they’ve had a hell of a first year as a band. He mentioned that after this tour they’ll be working on new music, but emphasized how grateful he is to do this with his best friend every night. The incredible evening wrapped up around 10:30 with Lewis Del Mar’s viral single “Loud(y),” which had the whole crowd loudly singing along.

Photo Gallery by Christian Heinzel

The Set List


  1. Such Small Scenes

  2. 14 Faces

  3. Wave(s)

  4. Puerta Cabezas, NI

  5. Jamming

  6. Memories

  7. H.D.L

  8. Islands

  9. Live That Long

  10. Painting (Masterpiece)

  11. Malt Liquor

  12. Tap Water Drinking

  13. Runaway

  14. Loud(y)

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