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Bonnaroo 2018 Saturday Highlights

Saturday at Bonnaroo featured tons of incredible shows from artists of every genre. In fact, the schedule was so jam-packed that it left a lot of fans wishing they could be two places at once due to conflicting shows. Here are some highlights you may have missed from the third day of Roo if you were busy hopping from show to show. 

POND Crowd Surfed During Their Second Song

POND took the stage bright and early on Saturday afternoon, breaking in the This Tent with their psych rock jams and laid back attitudes. The band let the crowd know that their Bonnaroo performance was the very last show of their recent US tour before they return home to Australia, and they definitely went out with a bang. Frontman Nick Allbrook began the set on the right foot, immediately jumping into the audience to crowd surf during the second song. From there on, the energy remained high, with Allbrook sauntering around the entire stage, jumping down at certain points to go up to the fans at the barricade. The crowd’s energy remained right up there with the band’s, with everyone dancing and singing along despite the extreme heat. 

POND Frontman Nick Allbrook

POND Frontman Nick Allbrook

Chance The Rapper Crashed Knox Fortune's Set

Chicago Producer and singer songwriter Knox Fortune has garnered buzz for his work with rapper Joey Purp, but more notably for singing the hook on Chance The Rapper’s song “All Night.” Naturally, when rumors surfaced on Friday that Chance The Rapper had been spotted around the Bonnaroo campgrounds, some clever fans began to speculate whether or not Chance might join Knox Fortune’s set to bring their collaboration to life. Sure enough, towards the end of Knox’s afternoon set at the That Tent, some lucky fans were able to witness a rare special performance of the track when Chance came onstage to perform his verses. Chance hasn’t made any other pop up appearances onstage this weekend, so this may have been the only chance to catch him (pun intended). 

Knox Fortune at The That Tent

Knox Fortune at The That Tent

Rag'N'Bone Man Apologized For His Dancing

British singer songwriter Rory Graham, aka Rag’N’Bone Man, combines his raw, bluesy vocals with soulful pop melodies to craft addictively catchy songs that made for a great sing along during his set. The success of his single “Human” from his debut album also of the same name attracted hoards of fans to the This Tent for his evening set. During his set, Graham displayed his humble nature, often thanking the crowd for turning up and making self-deprecating jokes. He told the crowd that playing festivals in the states can be quite daunting since he always thinks no one “knows who the fuck I am,” and he seemed genuinely touched at how many people turned up to watch him. All of the fans who showed up were treated to stripped down introductions and intricate arrangements of Graham’s songs, as well as some laughs when he chatted between tunes. “I apologize for my dancing,” Graham said, recalling a time someone wrote a review of his show saying he was good, but his dancing is awful. We’re all for his dancing here though since Bonnaroo is about radiating positivity. 

Rag'n'Bone Man at the This Tent

Rag'n'Bone Man at the This Tent

A Blow Up Doll Crowd Surfed During Post Animal

Our pals in Post Animal made their Bonnaroo debut last night to an overflowing and hyped up crowd at the Who Stage. Although their set time clashed with some other major shows, including Bon Iver’s first set, fans still flocked to see their second ever festival performance, following last month’s debut at Shaky Knees in Atlanta. Throughout the past couple of years, the group has beefed up their live show, honing in on their song transitions and arrangements to make for a special experience of their songs that you can only get at their live shows. Their efforts to put on a smooth and engaging show didn’t go unnoticed by their enthusiastic crowd, who immediately opened up a mosh pit and crowd surfed throughout the 45 minute set. One audience member brought a blow up doll with them, which surfed above the crowd and even ended up on stage at one point. Post Animal has never been known to put on a tame show, but last night was definitely one of the wildest. You can catch their next major festival performance later in the summer, when they take the Lollapalooza stage for the first time. 

Justin Vernon Brought The Eaux Claires Spirit to the Second Bon Iver Set

When Bon Iver’s first set of Saturday night consisted mostly of songs from the album 22, A Million, fans began to speculate that the later set would include some of the classics from the earlier days. However, Justin Vernon took a completely different approach by turning the set into a collaborative performance piece. The collaborative vision closely tied into the mission of Vernon’s hometown festival in Eau Claires, Wisconsin, which frequently features surprise sets and crossover between bands and artists during their shows. Not only did the Bon Iver show last night have special guest appearances, but dancers also accompanied the music for certain songs. Coupled with the intricate lighting design, the dancers tied together the show’s production level. As for the musical guests, Vernon first invited Francis and the Lights early on in the set, before welcoming him back to perform their hit “Friends”…with both Vernon and Francis joining in on the dancing. Other guests included Moses Sumney and Sylvan Esso, with the latter coming out on stage to perform “Flume” with the band, as well as their own song “Coffee.” Vernon even invited Parkland survivor Aalayah Eastmond out to speak about gun control, adding some activism into the set. Overall, the show was completely unique to most Bon Iver shows you’d catch, which made for the perfect ending to Bonnaroo’s third day. 

Don't forget to also check out our Thursday and Friday highlights, and stay tuned for coverage of the final day today!

Bonnaroo 2018 Friday Highlights

Bonnaroo continued on Friday with even more memorable moments than the first day. Read up on what you may have missed around Centeroo on Friday, and as always keep an eye on our social media for live updates throughout the weekend. 

An Encouraging Crowd Waited For Japanese Breakfast

Tons of Bonnarooians flocked to Centeroo early on Friday to catch Japanese Breakfast's set that was scheduled for 2:15 PM. Although the set got off to a late start, actually starting around 2:30, fans waited patiently, cheering and clapping through the last minute sound check. Front woman Michelle Zauner started off the set stationary with her guitar, but a couple of songs in, she roamed the stage sans guitar to get closer to the audience and work the entire crowd. As Zauner sang through songs on her 2017 album Soft Sounds From Another Planet, the crowd sang along loudly, getting Bonnaroo Day 2 off to a great start. 

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast

Sheryl Crow Teased an Unannounced Performer

"This [song] is older than most of y'all. You guys are younger than this song, and you know it. That's weird," Sheryl Crow addressed the overflowing audience at her early evening set at the What Stage, who had been singing along all the words. Although the hits Crow played during her Friday set may have been from years ago, that didn't stop the diverse audience from knowing them all, and she started strong with epic sing alongs like "If It Makes You Happy" and "Every Day Is A Winding Road." Crow's stage banter remained strong throughout her entire set, with her teasing both her participation in the Super Jam and a surprise guest appearance. After pointing out a Tom Petty sign one of the audience members was holding up, Crow asked for the fan to pass it to her, and she held it up, reminding everyone to come see the Super Jam tribute to Tom Petty later that night. "Y'all have a big weekend ahead of you," Crow said. "I just met someone who is gonna be on the stage later, but it's not announced. I would leak it, but I haven't had anything to drink yet." Maybe tonight we'll find out who the unannounced performer is, but Crow never did end up leaking it during her set. 

Paramore Finally Played Bonnaroo

Paramore hit the What Stage after Sheryl Crow, taking the stage to eager audience members, who were all excited to finally see the Nashville band on the Roo stage. "Right in our backyard and we never came to see you," lead singer Hayley Williams said to the Friday evening crowd, addressing the band's absence from the festival thus far. Although Paramore fans might have been waiting years to see the band on the farm, Williams and the band more than made up for it with a mix of songs from throughout their discography, Williams' powerhouse vocals that stayed strong despite her constant dancing and jumping, and the performance of a Halfnoise song (drummer Zac Farro's other project). The band also took the time to use their platform to promote positivity between their songs, Williams addressing the death of Anthony Bourdain, as the news had broken earlier that day. "I see a lot of smiles, and that's really nice to see in 2018," Williams said, continuing on to say that the news these days is usually pretty awful, but dancing and music has the ability to bring people together and add something positive to all of the negative news of the world. Paramore's set definitely acted as the perfect mood booster and distraction on a day that had begun with some heavy news for the entertainment industry. 

Okey Dokey Brought Out All Their Friends

Like Paramore, Nashville duo Okey Dokey also played their first Bonnaroo as this project, but lead singer Aaron Martin told the audience that this was his fifth time at Bonnaroo. In celebration of Okey Dokey making it to Roo, the pair invited a bunch of their musical friends to join them on The Who Stage. Liz Cooper of Liz Cooper & The Stampede joined the band on stage for the entire set, playing different percussion instruments (including a banana shaker), but towards the end of the set, she sang a duet with Martin. Rayland Baxter, who would later be joining in on the Tom Petty Super Jam, also joined this sort of mini Super Jam, singing the song he had written with the group. Brad Shultz and Nick Bockrath of Cage The Elephant even hopped on stage to play guitar for a couple of songs. 

Okey Dokey Featuring Liz Cooper

Okey Dokey Featuring Liz Cooper

Super Jam Featured an All Star Line Up Playing Tom Petty Hits

Every year, Bonnaroo puts on a Super Jam featuring a line up of musical guests performing at the festival throughout the weekend. This year, the Super Jam paid tribute to Tom Petty, which meant the entire crowd screamed along the entire time as the band played through hit after hit. The core band that played the entire two hour set included Patrick Hallahan, Tom Blankenship, Pat Sansone, Craig Pfunder, Daniel Creamer, and The Watson Twins, and the special guests ranged from artists just starting out to veteran rockstars. Bonnaroo first timers FRENSHIP and Durand Jones and the Indications joined early on in the set to play "Refugee" and "You Wreck Me," with legend Sheryl Crow following shortly after to sing "American Girl." The massive crowd that had flocked to the This Tent for the jam had dwindled slightly towards the end of the set, but the tent remained packed until past 3AM, with special guests like Matt Shultz (Cage The Elephant), Vanessa Carlton, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and Sameer Gadhia (Young The Giant) anchoring out the set with songs like "Breakdown," "Learning to Fly," and "Free Fallin'." The artists that contributed all sounded incredible together, paying a beautiful homage to Mr. Tom Petty. 

Super Jam closing out the This Tent on Friday 

Super Jam closing out the This Tent on Friday 

Bonnaroo 2018 Thursday Highlights


Bonnaroo 2018 kicked off yesterday, delivering the usual friendly and fun atmosphere full of random acts of kindness, pop up experiences, and 24/7 entertainment throughout the stages and campgrounds. As you get ready for Roo day 2, read up on the music highlights of Thursday below!

Jade Bird Made Her US Festival Debut

British singer songwriter Jade Bird hit the ground running during her first US festival appearance by not only playing a late night set at The Who Stage, but by playing a stripped down set at Coleman's The Campout experience out by plaza four. Jade's raw vocal power and fiery spirit shone through just as much at the early afternoon set as it did during her main performance. The enthusiastic Thursday night crowd welcomed Bird with open arms as she played through songs on her debut EP like "Good Woman" and "Cathedral," as well as a couple covers of songs by The Pixies and Kate Bush. Bird's performance of her popular single "Lottery" acted as the highlight of the set, the crowd all singing along to the belter of a chorus. "I've been Jade Bird and you guys have been the best audience I've ever had," Bird said at the end of her show. 

Jade Bird at the Coleman Camp Out experience 

Jade Bird at the Coleman Camp Out experience 

Ron Gallo Said Sorry a Bunch

Self-proclaimed really nice guy Ron Gallo and his band packed the tent for their energetic early evening set at the That Tent. Gallo displayed his usual quirky antics during the show, incorporating a trumpet into their songs, introducing his band and himself in a monotone voice as he read off a piece of paper, and saying "sorry" a bunch of times mid-song. Although the live band is usually a trio with Joe Bisirri on bass and Dylan Sevey on drums, the group was joined by the band's tour manager on keys yesterday and during the last song, the band added an impromptu new member. Gallo invited an audience member onstage to play his guitar, ending the set on a high note. 

Ron Gallo and his newest band member

Ron Gallo and his newest band member

FRENSHIP Took Their Pants Off

Los Angeles duo James Sunderland and Brett Hite, better known as FRENSHIP, played their first Bonnaroo last night to an eager crowd at the This Tent, and they were shocked at the Thursday turn out. "Nobody comes on a Thursday," Sunderland said in awe of the overflowing tent, which was full of fans singing the lyrics back to them. In addition to playing their popular tracks like "Carpet" and "Capsize" from their first EP, Hite and Sunderland treated the crowd to some of their newer singles like "LOVE Somebody" and "MI Amore." The duo also made sure to dress their best for their Bonnaroo debut by wearing matching pants. "We're wearing the same damn pants. We wore the same pants for you, Bonnaroo," they admitted. The audience was so enthusiastic that they started a "take them off!" chant about the pants, and Sunderland made a promise that they would take them off by the end of the set if the audience promised to stay with them through their entire career. True to their words, during the final song "1000 Nights," Sunderland took his pants off, ending their set with another memorable moment.

James Sunderland finishing FRENSHIP's set sans pants

James Sunderland finishing FRENSHIP's set sans pants

Durand Jones & The Indications Brought Soul to The Farm

Soul outfit Durand Jones and The Indications delivered the smoothest set of Thursday, bringing their full, rich big band sound to the That Tent. The band displayed incredible chemistry and musicianship as they played through their hour long set, horns and woodwinds complementing the sheer power Durand Jones' vocals. Their groovy, R&B songs have a retro quality to them, but their tight sound and Jones' showmanship put a refreshing spin on a vintage sound. Drummer Aaron Frazer also displayed his incredible multi-tasking skills when he lent his vocals to a few of the songs during the set. The group will take part in the "Into The Great Wide Open" Superjam tonight, so if you missed them on Thursday, make sure you catch them during this all-star packed set tonight. 

Durand Jones and The Indications Bringing Soul to The Farm

Durand Jones and The Indications Bringing Soul to The Farm

Cage The Elephant Played a Surprise Set

If you're camping at 'Roo, you might have noticed the permanent party set up in Plaza 9, which has been curated by none other than Cage The Elephant's Matt Shultz. The set up in Plaza 9 includes birthday decorations to celebrate Roo Day, as well as pop up experiences with some of the performing artists; like karaoke with Okey Dokey, watercolor painting with Lissie, DJ sets, and yoga. Thursday at Plaza 9 ended with a huge bang when Cage The Elephant played a surprise full show, which they had teased with a now deleted Instagram post. If you weren't in the know for the secret show, you can also catch Shultz and his bandmate Nick Bockrath partaking in the "Into The Great Wide Open" Superjam tonight.

Stay tuned for our daily updates throughout the weekend, and follow us on social media for live updates throughout the day. 



Bonnaroo Round Up: Our 2018 Top Picks

Since 2002, Bonnaroo has been bringing some of the biggest international acts and the best upcoming acts to Manchester, TN for four days of music, comedy, festivities and more. This year, thousands of music fans will return to the farm this Thursday, June 7th for another memorable 'Roo. Stay tuned for our daily coverage during the festival, but for now check out our eight must-see acts of Bonnaroo 2018 below! 


Last year, POND released their seventh studio album, The Weather, which is full of energetic, psychedelic tunes that will instantly sweep everyone off their feet. Their records have this incredible quality that completely engulfs listeners, creating a mystical world with entrancing synths and hypnotizing melodies, but their live show adds even more depth to their layered, multifaceted songs. Frontman Nick Allbrook hooks in audience members with his captivating stage presence, so don't miss POND on Saturday, June 9th at 2:45PM on the This Stage. 

For Fans Of: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mild High Club

Start With: "Sweep Me Off My Feet," "Paint Me Silver," "30000 Megatons"

Post Animal

After steadily gaining traction in the Chicago music scene over the past couple of years, Post Animal began touring extensively, working their way up to a national act. The group is currently on tour promoting their debut album When I Think Of You in a Castle, which was released April 20th via Polyvinyl Records. Their live shows always pack in non-stop energy with intense guitar riffs and expansive arrangements, creating a completely different atmosphere from the studio recordings. This year has already seen Post Animal at SXSW and Shaky Knees Festival, but make sure you catch them at Bonnaroo so you can say you saw them at one of their first festival performances way back when. Catch them Saturday, June 9th at 9:45PM on the Who Stage. 

For Fans Of: Twin Peaks, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Thee Oh Sees

Start With: "When I Get Home," "Special Moment," "Gelatin Mode"

Alex Lahey 

Aussie singer songwriter Alex Lahey will instantly win you over with her lighthearted melodies and relatable lyrics. Lahey's debut EP B Grade University and debut album I Love You Like a Brother are both full of honest narratives that will have you singing along, and her authentic laid-back attitude pairs perfectly with a Summer festival. Catch her at Roo on Friday, June 8th at 2:15PM on the What Stage. 

For Fans Of: Courtney Barnett, Middle Kids, Waxahatchee 

Start With: "Wes Anderson," "You Don't Think You Like People Like Me," "Lotto In Reverse"

Sir Sly

Fronted by Landon Jacobs, LA based trio Sir Sly recently made an incredible comeback with their 2017 sophomore album Don't You Worry, Honey. The long awaited album came three years after their promising debut and reflects upon Jacobs' struggles of losing his mother to cancer and the end of his marriage. The new songs possess a raw vulnerability in the lyrics and see a growth in Sir Sly's production skill, and the group always delivers a vibrant live performance, with Jacobs being known to climb things mid-show. Make sure you catch them Sunday, June 10th at 4PM at the This Tent to witness all of their stage antics. 

For Fans Of: Foster The People, Hippo Campus, K.Flay

Start With: "High," "&Run," "Altar"

Jade Bird

British singer songwriter Jade Bird first made waves when she dropped her debut EP Something American last year, which shows off her fiery spirit, sweeping vocal range, and twangy folk riffs. Since then, she's been hard at work on the road, playing SXSW and touring with the likes of Anderson East and First Aid Kit. This fall, Jade Bird will head out on her first headlining tour, but before then don't miss her at Bonnaroo; she's playing Thursday, June 7th at 11PM on the Who Stage. 

For Fans Of: Maggie Rogers, Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers

Start With: "Lottery," "Furious," "Something American"

Ron Gallo

Nashville's Ron Gallo has been steadily touring since the release of his debut album Heavy Meta, hitting the festival circuit especially hard in 2017, with appearances at the likes of Governor's Ball and Lollapalooza. Whether he's playing on a festival stage or a club show, Gallo always brings along his quirky antics; from playing a trumpet mid-song to passing off his guitar to an audience member, there's no shortage of entertainment. Gallo managed to release an 8-song EP earlier this year in the midst of all his touring, so his recent shows have been refreshed to include new material. If you're looking to hear some great music and have a laugh, Catch Ron at the That Tent on Thursday, June 7th at 5:00 PM.

For Fans Of: White Reaper, Diane Coffee, Naked Giants

Start With: "Put The Kids To Bed," "Really Nice Guys," "Young Lady, You're Scaring Me"


Fronted by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, London collective Jungle will be sure to get you dancing with their smooth mix of soul and funk grooves. It's been a while since the group released their debut, self-titled album, but they've teased their follow up with two singles this year that both contain their signature effortlessly cool touch. Get ready to move and check out their set on Sunday, June 10th on the Which Stage at 5:15PM.

For Fans Of: SBTRKT, Metronomy, TV On The Radio

Start With: "Time," "Happy Man," "The Heat"

Rag'n'Bone Man

Speaking of soul, British singer songwriter Rory Graham (better known by his moniker Rag'n'Bone Man) has garnered international attention with his booming, powerful and soulful vocals. Rag'n'Bone Man's debut record Human features a diverse mix of layered narratives that highlight Graham's flexible range; from a bluesy growl to a rich baritone and even a hip hop flow, the album truly showcases Graham's dynamic talent as a singer and writer. Live, Graham brings that all to life with a large band that distinguishes the show from the album with fleshed out arrangements. Catch Rag'n'Bone Man on Saturday, June 9th at 6:45PM at the This Tent. 

For Fans Of: Bastille, Jacob Banks, Jack Garratt

Start With: "Your Way or the Rope," "Human," "Wolves"

Remember that once CenterRoo opens up on Thursday, it will remain open 24/7 until the festival ends, so make sure you check out the entire schedule here. The SuperJam lineup this year is particularly epic with members of Cage The Elephant, Wilco, Young The Giant, Sheryl Crow, Japanese Breakfast, Durand Jones & The Indications and more playing the music of Tom Petty. Keep up with it all by following us on social media throughout the fest: