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PHOTOS: Grapetooth at Lincoln Hall 7.21.18

This past Saturday night, the dynamic duo of Chris Bailoni and Clay Frankel (better known as Grapetooth) headlined a sold out show at Lincoln Hall. The unofficial Pitchfork aftershow came on the heels of the pair's announcement that they'd been signed to Polyvinyl Records, who will release Grapetooth's debut record some time this fall. If you missed out on the rambunctious show--which ended with fans climbing onstage during debut single "Trouble"--check out our photos of the show below. 

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LIVE: Twin Peaks and Portugal. The Man at Aragon Ballroom 2.16.18

The evening kicked off at 7:30PM sharp, with hometown heroes Twin Peaks hitting the stage as the crowd still filed into the massive Uptown ballroom. Although they’ve dominated the DIY scene in Chicago and worked their way up to selling out Pilsen’s Thalia Hall for three nights in a row, Twin Peaks had actually never played on the Aragon stage prior to this performance. “This place is ridiculous. I feel like we’re playing in a small Italian village,” said singer and guitarist Clay Frankel as he surveyed the painted ceiling boasting a night-time sky theme and the venue’s regal balcony fixtures that resemble a castle. In addition to the witty banter that the five piece dished out between songs, the Chicago natives quickly conquered the huge venue with their buoyant stage presence and cohesive performance. As they played, the band fed off one another’s energy, keeping the crowd engaged as they moved around the stage and threw their bodies into the music. Joining the band, local outfit Ohmme provided backing vocals on some songs, and a horns section also joined in on select tunes, providing another enticing facet to the show.

Their setlist featured Twin Peaks staples like “Holding Roses” and “Boomers” from the earlier parts of their extensive catalog, but they also mixed in some of their newest singles as well. In 2017, the band decided to forgo releasing a full album and instead delivered their fans a series of double singles, which they deemed the Sweet ‘17 Singles. Just this past week, Twin Peaks released a compilation LP of all the singles, and their set featured “Tossing Tears,” “Blue Coupe,” and “In The Meadow” from the series. Each of those singles, like the majority of the Twin Peaks song pool, have a completely different sound, diving into different sonic territory. The band also keeps a unique sound by having four out of five members take turns singing lead on their tracks.

By the time Twin Peaks’ set came to an end, any pocket of space that had been there at the beginning of their set was now filled with fans eager for Portugal. The Man. The momentum had kept building throughout Twin Peaks’ show, and the room buzzed as the stage was set for the evening’s headliners. Further escalating the anticipation, Portugal. The Man made an earth shaking entrance, literally. At 8:45, the lights had dimmed and a bass-heavy, floor-shaking song filled the house speakers to tease the set’s start, which was followed up and juxtaposed by the crooning tune “Unchained Melody.” Finally, after the two-song tease, the band took the stage, backed by a massive screen with the words “APPLAUSE” projected onto it. The crowd obliged and lost their minds in excitement, buckling up for the next 90 minutes.

Following the instructions to applause, the on-stage screen then read another message; “We are not very good at stage banter, so tonight’s performance will feature slogans written by our management. Thank you for your continued understanding.” True to their word, the set that followed featured very little talking or banter between songs, but it never lacked in energy or failed to engage the crowd. Once the message on the screen faded, trippy visuals and colorful lights took their place, visually stimulating the crowd and adding another dynamic layer to the show’s production. While the lighting and images definitely enhanced the show, Portugal. The Man could have easily kept the crowd just as entertained with their stellar musicianship and magnificent execution of their records.

The setlist contained a fair amount of Portugal. The Man’s 2017 record Woodstock sprinkled in throughout some of their other most popular tracks. Easily Woodstock’s most successful track “Feel It Still,” which has been played on Top 40 radio across the country, received a warm welcome from the crowd. The band teased the song with a reworked live arrangement, extending the song’s introduction to build up suspense. The intricate arrangements and unique live versions remained a common theme of the night; with most songs blending into one another with flawlessly smooth transitions. Portugal. The Man also kept their audience on their toes by dipping into different sonic flavors; some songs, like “Sea of Air” maintained a light, sing-songy mood, while other songs would have the band cranking up the volume and going off on full jam sessions. There was never a dull moment during their show because the band managed to carefully craft a set that highlighted their best songs, like the crowd favorites of “Modern Jesus” and “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.” The night ended with a rumble of cheers and appreciative applause after the band played “Holy Roller [Hallelujah].”

With the fully immersive production and the way that the band brings their music to life on the stage, this tour is one that can’t be missed. Check out the rest of Portugal. The Man’s upcoming tour dates

Gallery of Twin Peaks and Portugal. The Man

LIVE: HINDS Closed Out TNK Fest 2018 at Lincoln Hall

Madrid quartet HINDS was number one on our most anticipated acts of TNK Fest 2018, and they definitely did not disappoint during their show this past Sunday! They closed out the annual winter, multi-day and multi-venue festival at Lincoln Hall, following rowdy performances from openers Peel and Sløtface.

Bursting onto the stage to the sounds of “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate on the house speakers, the four piece immediately let the audience know that they were in for a light hearted and energetic performance filled with good vibes. The last time HINDS had played one of their endearing and energetic shows in Chicago was back in May of last year, where they packed The Empty Bottle for a free Red Bull sponsored show. The Lincoln Hall audience welcomed HINDS back to town with open arms; eagerly soaking up their irresistible and lively lo-fi rock tunes.

The band kicked off the evening with one of their most popular tracks, “Garden,” from the 2016 album Leave Me Alone, and the set that followed kept the audience engaged and enthralled from start to finish. Between playing even more crowd favorites from the same album, like “Castigadas En El Granero” and “Chili Town,” Carlotta Cosials talked about how Chicago almost felt like a second home to them, even though they came a long way from Madrid to play a small run of North American tour dates. In addition to the handful of shows HINDS have played in town, they also played an entire tour with Chicago’s Twin Peaks, and of course, Twin Peaks showed up to support their former tour mates and now friends for their show at Lincoln Hall.

The band also talked about some exciting news they had just shared earlier in the week; a new album and another expansive tour in the Spring. Accompanying the news of the album, I Don’t Run, HINDS released lead single “New For You,” which they played amongst their other setlist staples. After delivering nearly an hour of their catchy tunes at a non-stop pace, HINDS left the stage briefly, only to return for an encore that kicked off with a surprise. Twin Peaks members Clay Frankel and Colin Croom took the stage to give HINDS a hand with a cover of “Sweet Thing” from Twin Peaks’ Wild Onion LP, giving HINDS’ show in Chicago a special hometown touch.

If you missed out on this performance at Lincoln Hall, don’t sweat too much...HINDS will be back at the same venue during their upcoming tour! Grab tickets to their May 15th show here, and check out the rest of their tour dates right here.  

Photo gallery of Sløtface, Peel, and HINDS by Catalina Florea

While you wait for HINDS to come play in a city near you, listen to "New For You" below, and pre-order I Don't Run here

Twin Peaks Ring in 2018 With a Three Night Run at Thalia Hall

This past weekend, Chicago's DIY rock heroes Twin Peaks proved that you can go big and go home, with an incredible three night, sold out run at Pilsen’s Thalia Hall. Taking over the historic building from Friday night through New Year's Eve, Twin Peaks not only cultivated a diverse support bill of local up and coming acts, but all three nights included an intricate stage set up and special appearances that celebrated the current Chicago music scene. One of the band's latest songs from their Sweet '17 Singles series "We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)" acted as the theme of the weekend, paying homage to the friendly and familiar dynamic of the Chicago scene; a dynamic where artists lift up fellow artists in the buzzing collective of talent that the city has to offer. 

The first night of the weekend's all local lineup began with Sun Cop music, followed by Knox Fortune as the main support. The brainchild of musician and producer Andrew Humphrey, Sun Cop's set immediately displayed the attitude of friendship and supportive nature that threaded throughout the weekend, with Twin Peak's Colin Croom joining Sun Cop's live band lineup for the night. Croom's appearance on stage proved to be another common theme, when he also joined Knox Fortune for his biggest show in the city yet. Although Knox Fortune has attracted attention over the past couple of years working with the likes of Chance The Rapper, singing the hook on the hit "All Night," he only played his first official show in November this year; a sold out headlining set at Lincoln Hall. Knox Fortune's set highlighted this city's ability to show support and collaborate across genres, and it also featured a special appearance from his frequent collaborator Joey Purp. 

Twin Peak's set on night one set the bar high for the entire weekend, but each night only got better, with them continuously delivering the high energy and rambunctious sets that their fans have come to know and love, with all sorts of surprises. Twin Peaks is already unique enough with their lineup in that they all pitch in to write the songs, and four out of the five members alternate singing lead and are multi-instrumentalists, but these shows featured an even bigger and more layered sound than what the core members can create on their own. Joined by a horns section and local duo OHMME singing backup, Twin Peaks filled the Pilsen concert hall beautifully. The production of the night also added in another facet to these special shows, with props including pine trees and an actual motorcycle suspended from the ceiling. Of course, the night also ended with a shower of confetti raining down on the audience from the balcony. 

Night two only amplified the magic of the previous night, with a whole new set of support acts and another fun spirited crowd ready to reciprocate the energy that all three bands exuded from the stage. Warming their fellow Chicagoans up on the frigid Saturday evening, trio DEHD captivated the large room with their retro garage rock tunes. The group includes NE-HI's Jason Balla and Lala Lala's Emily Kempf taking turns on vocals, and drummer Eric McGrady forgoing a full drum set to create a unique setup with floor toms. Next up, psych rockers Post Animal cranked up the volume, performing some of their most popular songs like "You Were Not There," "When I Get Home," and "Special Moment" with refreshed and fleshed out arrangements that showcased their skills as guitarists. Post Animal supported Twin Peaks for one of their Thalia Hall shows last December, and have since had one hell of a year, touring with Twin Peaks, WAVVES, White Reaper, and recently announcing their signing to Polyvinyl records. The local scene and now the national rock scene have come to love the group for their massive stage presence and ability to shred on the six string, and their set on Saturday only got even more bold when part-time band member Joe Keery made a rare appearance for the last song in the set. With Post Animal, it seems you can never have too many guitar players. 

Twin Peaks' second set of the three-night stint once again featured the same expanded lineup, as well as the confetti and custom stage setup, but the band did a great job at diversifying their setlist each night. Every night, the set heavily featured a lot of the group's latest material that has come around the past several months as part of their Sweet '17 Singles series, but they rearranged the order each night to keep the crowd guessing. One of this year's singles "Shake Your Lonely" features vocalist and friend of the band's Marisa Nakamura on the studio version, so of course they brought her out every night to sing it with them. Each night also had the Twin Peaks staples like "Making Breakfast," "Butterfly," and "Walk To The One You Love," but the band mixed in some rarities to all three sets. On Saturday, they also ended with another staple "Boomers," although they played it second on the first night and in the middle of the set the third night. 

Just like that, the final night of Twin Peaks Thalia takeover fell upon the city, and another sold out crowd quickly filled up the concert hall on Sunday night. Thanks to the Twitter humor of the NYE performers NE-HI, every concert-goer that evening had the opportunity to chow down on a complimentary Chicago dog, courtesy of Goose Island. With full bellies, the crowd watched Today's Hits kick off the show at 9PM; their set once again highlighting the friendly nature of the local music scene, as both Cadien Lake James and Colin Croom dropped in during Today's Hits short set. Today's Hits lead singer James Swanberg returned the favor later in the night, making an appearance during Twin Peaks' set. 

Hot dog heroes NE-HI took the stage next, lead singer Jason Balla taking the stage for the second time that weekend. Like most of the artists who were a part of this NYE weekend extravaganza, NE-HI have also had an incredible year, touring nationally, releasing their sophomore album, and performing at Pitchfork Music Festival. The four piece put on an unforgettable show every time, with Balla thrashing and jumping around as he sings, while other members James Weir and Mikey Wells follow suit and gain some serious air while leaping around. Their set featured a mix of songs from their self-titled debut, 2017's Sophomore record (Offers), and some new material. 

Twin Peaks' final set of 2017 began just an hour before midnight and once again had some rarities and a rearranged order in their setlist. The crowd surfing commenced during the first song and lasted throughout the night as it had the previous two nights, but everyone seemed to be giving even more of their energy back to the band since it was their last show of the year. The show paused right before midnight with a collective countdown between the band and the crowd, followed by confetti and some giant balloons entering the pit. The show continued on into 2018, wrapping up with the weekend's theme song "We Will Not Make It (Not Without You)," which bassist and vocalist Jack Dolan dedicated to everyone in the room. Even more confetti showered the room as the song wrapped up, providing the weekend's final surprise. 

Twin Peaks' weekend at Thalia Hall celebrated more than just the new year and a fresh start; it celebrated the creative community of Chicago and promoted kindness and friendship among artists and fans alike. These shows had a revitalizing energy and an unwavering spirit that you can only feel while watching live music played by a group of friends, with all your friends. 2018 holds even more promise for more nights like this in Chicago as so much of the city's music scene continues to grow. 

Relive some of the magic of the weekend by checking out our galleries of all seven bands from across the weekend. 

December 29th Gallery featuring Sun Cop, Knox Fortune, and Twin Peaks, shot by Christian Heinzel

December 30th gallery featuring DEHD, Post Animal, and Twin Peaks, shot by Rachel Zyzda

New Year's Eve featuring Today's Hits, NE-HI, and Twin Peaks, shot by Rachel Zyzda

Twin Peaks will undoubtedly be back on the road a ton in 2018, as well as producing the hits as usual. While you await more new music, re-listen to all of their 2017 singles below, and check out the band's upcoming tour dates here. 

Audiotree Music Festival 2017 Recap and Gallery: King Gizzard, Twin Peaks, Lizzo, and more!

Chicago-based music tastemakers Audiotree may be best known for some of their studio sessions with your favorite bands, but this past Friday and Saturday, they took over downtown Kalamazoo to bring some of those musicians to one stage for their annual festival. Although Audiotree, a big part of the crowd, and a few of the acts on the lineup all hailed from Chicago, the festival did a great job of curating local fare by bringing in Michigan based food trucks and beer from local breweries. The curators also succeeded in booking a diverse lineup that featured everything from psych rock to rap music. While there was never a dull moment over the course of those two days, here are the moments that stole the show.

Noname Drew in the Friday Evening Crowd

Chicago's on the rise spoken word artist/vocalist/rapper Noname has already had an unstoppable year, playing major festivals like Osheaga and Lollapalooza.  Her sunset performance at Audiotree Music Festival on Friday evening completely hooked the small, but mighty festival crowd with her compelling cadence. Her 45 minute set included some of her most popular tracks like "Diddy Bop" and "Reality Check," as well as some shoutouts to fellow Chicagoans like Saba and Kanye West. One of the most memorable moments in her set happened only a few songs in when she told the crowd they could move up, and there was a notable shift of everyone rushing forward to soak in the magnetic performance. Noname will be performing Concord Music Hall in November as part of Red Bull's 30 Days in Chicago, so make sure you catch her there if you missed her summer festival performances!

Noname performing during her sunset slot at ATMF

Noname performing during her sunset slot at ATMF

Lizzo Activated and Instilled Confidence in the Crowd

Hip Hop singer Lizzo brought a vivacious and energetic performance to the Audiotree Festival stage, but her nonstop show also featured a powerful message. While she encouraged the crowd to dance and sing along to her songs like "Phone" and "Water Me," she also encouraged everyone to take a stand in the world. Mentioning some of the current problems of the world, Lizzo said the only way to get through the horrible happenings is to come together and activate. She also instilled the confidence in her audience that they can all do whatever they put their mind to, no matter what anybody says. She put on an inspiring show just a couple weeks back at Loufest, but every time she hits a stage, Lizzo spreads positivity and love. You can also catch her in Chicago this November with Red Bull Sound Select's 30 Day festival. 

Lizzo and her ladies getting Friday night at ATMF going

Lizzo and her ladies getting Friday night at ATMF going

Campdogzz Warmed Up the Crowd During the Day's Peak Heatwave

Chicago's own Campdogzz warmed up the stage on the second day of Audiotree Music Festival. Although the seasons technically shifted into Fall a few days ago, the temperature during Campdogzz's set was reminiscent of the dog days of Summer, reaching mid 90s...with humidity. Although the temperature during their 30 minute set was nearly unbearable, lead singer Jessica Price's unique voice and the chemistry displayed between the band members still got the crowd engaged. The group flawlessly performed new songs off of an upcoming album, which all held onto their signature sound, but showcased their development and expansion as musicians since their last album.

Jessica Price of Campdogzz on Saturday afternoon

Jessica Price of Campdogzz on Saturday afternoon

Liz Cooper's Set Brought on a Wind Tunnel

The Nashville based nomad Liz Cooper and her band (aka The Stampede) kept it cool while they played through their laid back, country-tinged rock tunes. Throughout the set, the band's easygoing nature shone through, especially when Liz made the most of the fan onstage, which gave her a natural windswept look as she sang her songs with her signature earnest and raspy vocals. Throughout the set, you could tell Liz and her bandmates were enjoying themselves, which translated to the crowd getting lost in the moment too. 

Liz Cooper and her windswept look on Saturday

Liz Cooper and her windswept look on Saturday

Active Bird Community Made Their Michigan Debut

NYC's Active Bird Community has been playing together since they were in middle school, for more than ten years, but when they hit the stage on day two of ATMF, they mentioned that the festival was their first time playing in Michigan. Although they'd never played nearby before, the music hungry crowd eagerly absorbed songs from the band's earlier days and their 2017 album called Stick Around. 

Active Bird Community's frontman Tom D'Agustino during their Saturday set

Active Bird Community's frontman Tom D'Agustino during their Saturday set

Charly Bliss Played New Songs While Jetlagged

The Brooklyn based four piece fronted by Eva Hendricks also performed in the peak of Saturday's heat wave, but they still got the crowd into their show and moving in the sun. Decked out in a baby pink dress, Hendricks completely rocked the stage with her bandmates, even though they'd just gotten back from a tour around The U.K. Hendricks told the crowd they'd be performing a few new ones, and they went over incredibly well despite the jet lag. 


Pinegrove Got Shady

Pinegrove frontman Evan Stephens Hall took the stage during Pinegrove's late afternoon set donning green sunglasses that matched his t-shirt, due to the blazing hot sun still beaming down on the audience and stage. After a few songs, Hall told the crowd that he wished he didn't have to wear the sunglasses because "eyes are the best way to show you mean it" but he asked the crowd to trust him anyways. Despite the sunglasses barrier, Hall and his bandmates still managed to connect with the crowd, who were all ardently echoing the words back to songs like "Old Friends" and "Cadmium." If you're based in Chicago and missed Pinegrove's set, go see them at Thalia Hall this November, where Hall will be performing sans sunglasses. 

Evan Stephens Hall and his sunglasses during Pinegrove's set

Evan Stephens Hall and his sunglasses during Pinegrove's set

Twin Peaks Played Some Sweet Singles

The energy of day two at Audiotree Music Festival peaked (pun intended) when Chicago legends Twin Peak hit the stage with a surge of energy that never lulled.  Their hour long set included some of their most popular tracks like "Butterfly," "Walk To The One You Love," and "Making Breakfast," but the band also performed some of their "Sweet '17 Singles" like "Tossing Tears" and "Shake You Lonely" for one of the first few times. Twin Peaks always steals the show when they're part of a lineup, but this refresh to their setlist added another layer to their usually incredible show. Twin Peaks will be taking over Chicago's Thalia Hall for three nights at the end of December, so ring in 2018 with one of their rowdy performances. 

Clay Frankel of Twin Peaks leaving it all on the stage 

Clay Frankel of Twin Peaks leaving it all on the stage 

King Gizzard Dedicated a Song to Charles Bradley

During the early afternoon on Saturday, news broke that the soulful legend Charles Bradley had passed away. A few songs into King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's 90 minute set that night, the seven piece band dedicated a song to Mr. Bradley, with vocalist/guitarist/flutist Stu Mackenzie saying, "This one's for Chuck." Outside of the heartfelt dedication, their headlining set kept up a pulsating pace that never let up and included several live debuts of tracks from the group's first album of 2017, called Murder of the Universe. Their explosive set acted as the perfect wrap up of Audiotree Music Festival 2017. Some lucky Chicagoans got to witness a similar performance at Lincoln Hall last night, and the super group returns again tonight with Mild High Club. 

Stu Mackenzie closing out the night with King Gizzard

Stu Mackenzie closing out the night with King Gizzard

Check out the full gallery featuring Noname, Lizzo, SuperDuperKyle, Campdogzz, Liz Cooper and the Stampede, Active Bird Community, Charly Bliss, Pinegrove, BadBadNotGood, Twin Peaks, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard!

From Psych Rock to Rap, Audiotree Music Festival Has It All

Chicago based company Audiotree has become known as a tastemaker over the past few years. Taking artists of all different calibers and genres and giving them a means to showcase their live performances, Audiotree records live sessions in-studio and at local venues, opening up a world of discovery for music fans and a window of opportunities for musicians. In addition to these live sessions, Audiotree also puts on an annual music festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and this year they've got their best lineup yet. Headlined by Australian psych rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and rapper SuperDuperKyle, the two day festival has a little something for everyone. Check out the entire line up below, and grab your tickets here before they're gone. Single day tickets start at a mere $32.50 for GA with VIP options, and you can snag a two day GA pass for $60. 

PHOTOS: Twin Peaks at Taste of Chicago 7.7.17

Hometown heroes Twin Peaks played their last show in Chicago on Friday before they head off on a month-long European tour. Although the seated show at Taste of Chicago made for a pretty tame crowd, the band still delivered an energetic performance, supporting headliner Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals. Check out the full gallery of Twin Peaks' performance below!